Sunday, September 19, 2010

Attraction in Singapore During Mid Autumn Festival

In Chinese moon cake festival, chinatown is a place that you should not miss if you are in Singapore during the mooncake festival month. Every year during this mid autumn festival, China town will be dominated with flowers and beautiful lanterns through out the street.

There will be cultures performance and verities of moon cakes of different brands for sale. You can taste the sample of different moon cakes before you decide which to buy. Also remember to take a stroll at the Mid Autumn Bazaar beside the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and grab one of the many incredible festive products such as the Chinese red lanterns, Chinese paintings, Chinese gowns (cheongsams), sweetened dates and traditional handicrafts to take home as souvenirs.

You would also like to buy some moon cake from some of the famous brand like Da Dong Restaurant moon cake which is known for its handmade snowskin mooncake with single yolk in lotus paste and Tong Heng Oriental Pastry which is known for its baked mooncake with mixed nuts and baked mooncake with double yolk in lotus paste.


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