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Get Your Guy the Perfect Christmas Present Ideas

By Robin Boddy

All right. Enough is enough. We've been inundated with requests for Christmas gifts for guys, mostly from women who don't understand the men in their lives. We're going to lay it out to you right here, gals, and it's not going to be pretty. What it will be is direct, practical and effective.

To answer this, we went and did the unthinkable. We asked guys what they'd always wished their girlfriends or lady friends had given them. Now, all identities have been changed to preserve the guilty...and unlike similar things you'll find in Cosmo, these aren't "filtered by what we expect a dream guy to be". Nor are they the gift guides from Maxim or FHM - though they're closer to that than anything else.

In particular, don't be expecting your guy to get this as some sort of subtle relationship signal. Guys don't think like that. Guys are direct, think that pickup lines like "That dress should be in a pile on my bedroom floor" is subtle, and think playing Halo 3 together on the couch is at least as good as a movie date. And you know what? We really, honestly, wouldn't them any other way.

So, the next question to ask:

Is your guy a geek? If so, he's probably made your life a lot easier. You don't have to be a geekette to figure out what he wants. Go rifling through his video game collection some night when he's in the bathroom, listen to what some of his friends are geeking out over, and keep mental notes - is there a game that's getting good word of mouth buzz that he doesn't have yet? Your christmas present ideas shopping list just got a lot easier.

If you're worried about him getting that game from someone else, get him a GameTap subscription. Now, be warned - if you get him the Uber Game Of The Year, you don't get "whining privileges". Guys will obsess about these things until they finish them; really, it's the outlet for the same kind of thinking that brought food back to the cave when it was mastodon season.

Does your guy like sports? Either as a watcher or as a participant? If he's a watcher, and he's got a cable package or DirecTV, see if there's a network package or satellite package to let him get the games he wants to see. If there's a professional team he follows, assorted fan gear is usually safe...and admit it. Sprawling on his couch wearing a sports jersey for him to keep and your intimate underthings would certainly spice things up. (Feel free to tie a ribbon around yourself in strategic places to get the hint that he should be unwrapping you, too...) If he likes to play sports, you're going to have to do a bit more research on what sports he likes, and here, as with the computer game examples, talking to his buddies and doing a bit of Google searching are your friends.

Is your guy good with his hands? This one takes a bit of research as well. Nothing is as much of a disaster as being the only chick checking out power tools at Lowe's. You'll get patronized - not deliberately insulting, but patronized. Here's where you recruit one of his buddies to be your "shopping escort" - preferably one who works on guy projects with him. Remember, it doesn't have to be the spiffiest tool on the rack, it has to be one he'll actually use, and appreciate using. Same applies to buying car parts, or car accessories, or most electronics gadgets.

Lastly, one thing that nearly every guy likes is looking at half naked to naked girls. Yeah, yeah. We know, he's with you, and he doesn't need to look any more. Get real. He'll look - the trick is to remind him that looking is OK so long as he never wanders, and a good way to do that is a subscription to a pinup site. And trust us, he'll remember that you bought him that subscription for a very long time. Two tasteful ones are MET-ART and DOMAI - you can Google for exact URLs.

Find a lot of great ideas about Christmas gifts for men, and many more Christmas gift ideas at

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Get your Christmas Gift Online

Xmas Hamper With Tea Cups Set & Saucers, And Stainless Steel Jar

Christmas is a lot of fun and lots of anxiety, as well. It is the season of gifts! But for Christmas hamper gifts, you need to go shopping. And shopping is, at least for some of us, well… Forget those long queues, all those useful energy wasted. For people, who have shopping phobias, online shopping store is the best remedy. Buying is a click away and one can get everything, almost everything.

Online shopping is a god-send, anytime. However, its efficacy is best proved during festive times and times of celebration. Take Christmas. It’s almost here! Things have to be bought, gift-wrapped and then sent to their proper destinations. Any goof-ups anywhere and there is hell to pay. Family, friends and colleagues are after all high-maintenance in a different way.

If you are thinking about cell phones and accessories as ideal Christmas and New Year gift-items and don’t know where to look then try Christmas gifts online shopping store. Mobile phones and mobile phone deals are swamping the site. In fact, not only gifts, if you want to tote a new phone yourself and you are speculating about the price then you need not. Online shopping store has offers for contract mobile phones and cheap mobile phones as well.

Be assured of one thing. These offers are not yesterday’s items. All the phones and the accessories that are on online shopping store are the latest and the best! Christmas is a time when the sales go up. So, all the best manufacturers try to cash in on this buying spree by attaching attractive offers to their products. Nokia, LG, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson and the rest are available at online shopping store.

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Top Perfect Christmas Gifts For Mum and Dad

By Arline James-Thomas

Christmas is always a difficult time of year when deciding on the perfect gift for your loved ones. With the recent credit crunch you want to be sure that you are giving an absolutely worthwhile Christmas gift that would be appreciated, remembered, enjoyed and most of all be of some benefit for your mum and dad.

Ask yourself the following questions: What do my mum and dad need? Is there anything they need for the house? What are their hobbies? Do they need to get out more? Will I be getting them a gift as a couple or separate gifts?

If you are buying them separate gifts, then here are some options:

Christmas Gifts for Mum
1. Jewellery Gift Sets including brooches
2. Handbags
3. Wool wrap to ensure she stays warm this winter
4. Luxurious Skincare Range
5. Aroma Spa Collection - including Relaxation Bath Salts, Shower Gel and Massage Lotion
6. Yoga or Pilates class membership

Christmas Gifts for Dad
1. Golf Club membership and /or Golf equipment if he is an enthusiast
2. Satellite Navigation System
3. Specialist Magazine subscription depending on hobby
4.Football tickets for his favorite club or cable subscription including popular sports channels

For a joint Christmas Gift with both of them in mind, here are my 5 top Christmas gift baskets for Mum and Dad

1. A pet
If your parents no longer have children to care for perhaps they may welcome a pet for companionship. A dog will also give them a reason to get out and have a daily walk if they are retired. An ideal Christmas Gift for a widowed parent as well.

2. Tickets to a London Musical
Choose a musical that would appeal to their age group and which they would appreciate seeing. If your parents live far away from London then include hotel accommodation for the night.

3. Computer
A computer is a brilliant option to get your parents internet savvy. Remember to include the necessary training either a computer course or perhaps you can teach them yourself. The computer can be a useful item for your parents to do searches and have internet access. This is especially useful if you live far away as it is a great way to instantaneously send pictures to your parents on special occasions like the birth of a new grandchild, the first day of school, birthday celebrations etc. What a joy it is for a grandparent to see their new grandchild minutes after they are born if they are unable to be there in person. This is a great Christmas gift idea as it is something they can learn and do together.

4. A Cruise or Winter Vacation
This is an expensive option but nothing is too good for your parents. If you have siblings get them to contribute. They will love you for it and cherish the memories for years to come....priceless.

5. Money
May sound unimaginative but very practical as your parents will be able to buy what they wish or need for Christmas. They have invested a lot of money in you so now it is time to give a little back.

Happy Christmas shopping! With just a little thought you can find that perfect Christmas Gift.

This article was written by Arline James-Thomas for Munique Fashions -

Munique is an online fashion accessories boutique where you can find unusual and unique handmade jewellery Shop now and get 10% off our Ethnic jewellery and unique jewellery gifts when you use discount code - Ezine - at checkout.

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Ideas For Green Christmas Gifts

By Caley L Walsh

Ideas for green or eco-friendly Christmas gifts are a popular request this season. Handmade gifts are the best choice for those looking for greener gifts. We make choices every day that affect the environment, from the duration of our morning shower to our sandwich choice at lunch, and every effort to be greener helps. This Christmas, feel good about your purchases with these ideas for green Christmas gifts.

Skip the shopping mall this season and buy local, handmade items whenever possible. Your dollars will not go towards all the plastic packaging and the carbon emissions caused by product transportation to big name retailers. By shopping local, you will also be supporting your community. Look at local craft fairs for jewelry, clothing, decorative items and toys for the kids. You also have the option to shop local from the thousands of handmade items on

Better yet, save a bit of money and help the environment by making your own Christmas presents this year. Look for items around your house that can be recycled into something new. Turn old leather belts into hip cuff bracelets with a bit of embellishment. Take old sweaters and felt them to create Christmas ornaments or throw pillows. With a bit of creativity, even plastic bread tags can be turned into something gift-worthy.

Put together eco-friendly gift baskets for your family and friends. You can even make the basket, and just add some Christmas ribbon or fabric for that seasonal touch. Inside the basket, place items such homemade beeswax candles in Christmas colors, soft ornaments and/or a recipe book made in recycled paper or homemade paper. Gifts in a jar are easy and thrifty for Christmas and ideas include homemade shower scrubs, dry cookie or drink mixes, soups and even canned salsa.

The best ideas for green Christmas gifts are not only green themselves but also encourage their recipients to be green. As the gift giver, you can make a reusable shopping bag that your recipient will want to carry instead of acquiring plastic bags. You can knit, crochet or sew a tote bag using eco-friendly yarn or fabric, including bamboo, hemp and organic cotton. For something easier, purchase a plain canvas tote bag and embellish with buttons, ric-rac, ribbon or felt flowers. If you can sew, you can make reusable sandwich or snack bags using simple muslin or other fabrics. These are sure to save your recipient money too!

Whatever the present, make sure you are wrapping your Christmas present ideas in an environmentally-friendly way. Instead of creating a lot of paper waste with wrapping paper, make reusable gift boxes or gift bags. Sew your own gift bags in holiday fabric with ribbon drawstring for quick and easy wrapping. Or, use environmentally friendly yarn to crochet or knit a reusable gift bag. With a coat of paint, even a shoe box can be transformed into a Christmas gift box. Try white snowflakes on a blue background for a simple version.

Have a happy and green Christmas!

Caley Walsh is an editor for the crafting and DIY website, a popular crafting website with 1000's of free craft projects in every area of crafting. We add new projects and tips everyday. Some of our readers favorites include Christmas Crafts, Free Knitting Patterns, Free Crochet Patterns and Crafting with Kids.

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Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

Looking for ideas for making your gifts this holiday season? Gift baskets are a great choice for gifts. Make your own themed baskets in no time with these wonderful ideas for making festive gift baskets for everyone on your list.


Fill a decorative Christmas box or tin with:

assorted home-baked cookies ~ assorted chocolates ~ Christmas ornaments (better if you made them yourself)~ pre-recorded Christmas music ~ tuck in some candy canes or foil wrapped chocolate Santas for a finishing touch.


Fill a basket with:

hot apple cider mix ~ large mugs ~ home made christmas ornament ~ a letter saying why you love Christmas ~ matching mittens, hat and scarf ~ some mistletoe ~ Christmas music CD ~ home made Christmas cookies - with the recipe included


Fill a basket with:
nativity set ~ assorted Christmas ornaments (store bought or hand-made by you)~ decorative lights ~ candles ~ hanging crystals


For a friend/relative who loves cooking, fill a basket with:
Martha Stewart Living Christmas Cookbook ~ assorted Christmas recipes written on Christmas-themed Recipe Cards ~ Christmas Meal or Party Menu Ideas Sheet


Fill a basket with:
Party Supplies (paper plates, paper napkins, straws etc.) in red & white or similar Christmas colors, Holiday Delight Candles from Party Shop, 6 Plastic Glasses, Assorted packs of Dips, Pasta, Snacks


Fill a basket with:
homemade goodies, e.g., cookies, candies, chocolates, muffins, peanut brittle, jams, jellies, etc.


Fill a basket with:
mug, assorted cocoa mixes, peppermint sticks, Hershey kisses, mini marshmallows all inside the basket.


Fill a basket with:

lip balm ~ moisturizer ~ mittens ~ hot packs ~a pass to the local ski hill ~ hot chocolate

Extras: add a crazy carpet or a sled (although it won't actually fit inside the "basket", you can present it on the side).


Fill a basket or a rubber/plastic box with:
grape vine wreath ~ dried flowers ~ pine cones ~ hot glue gun and glue sticks ~ wreath hanger ~ ribbon

These personalized gift baskets are sure to put the joy back into this gift-giving season.

This article in an excerpt from '475 Gift Ideas Ebook'. This ebook features tons of gift ideas spread over 105 pages. Included are ideas with detailed instructions and supplies lists for making your own gift baskets for every person on your gift list. Also included are 'Survival Kits' with witty sayings for each item that goes in the kit, ideas for Holiday Poops, Just for Fun gifts, Christmas hamper making tips, Candy Gram gifts etc.

You can download the ebook immediately at and get started making beautiful handmade gift baskets at home for all your loved ones.

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5 Awesome Christmas Gift Basket Ideas

By Brenda Ballentine

People really enjoy getting Christmas gift baskets. I guess it's because a gift basket is really a "goodie basket" that's filled with all sorts of items that make someone happy to receive it. Gift baskets have really evolved since the old days of the fruit basket. While fruit baskets are still popular (especially for the health conscience), there are a wide variety of things that is now acceptable to put into a gift basket.

Today, gift baskets often have themes, meaning that the contents are narrowed down to a specific category. A food themed basket can contain anything from organic tea to wine and cheese. It can contain nostalgic candies or different kinds of brownies. The first thing you should do when deciding to give someone a gift basket is to pick out a theme that you think that person will like.

Whether you make the gift basket yourself or buy it from a specialty store, you'll find that half the fun is deciding what type of basket to get. And, keep in mind that gift baskets aren't just for ladies anymore. A gift basket can be given to men and couples as well. If you decided to give everyone on your list a gift basket, it would make your Christmas gift giving really easy.

Here's some examples of themed gift baskets:

Chocolate Lover Basket - for anyone on your gift list who loves chocolate, this is a no-brainer. As a chocolate lover myself, I know my eyes would pop open if I received a basket filled with chocolate candy bars, chocolate fudge, chocolate chip cookies, chocolate truffles, chocolate malt balls, chocolate covered pretzels, chocolate covered dried fruit and packets of cocoa hot chocolate.

Tailgate Party Basket - sports fans love to snack before and during a game. This basket can contain items like, snack chips, pretzels, peanuts, cashews, pistachios, cheese crackers, soda crackers, cheese dips, brownies, cookies, cheeses, salami and a colorful chip and dip tray.

Wine and Cheese Basket - if you know that someone enjoys wine, then this will be a Christmas gift basket that they'll love. Select two bottles of different wine from any vintage. You might select a bottle of Red, Merlot, Rose, Port, White Zinfandel or White wine. Then add several hard and soft cheeses, some nice crackers, wine stoppers and a corkscrew.

A Taste of Italy Basket - many people love Italian food so this is a nice idea and something a little different. This basket could include items like: all natural dried pasta (regular, whole wheat, spinach, etc.), extra virgin olive oil, two jars of premium pasta sauce, a jar of sun dried tomatoes, cheese straws, balsamic vinegar, garlic bread sticks and grated Parmesan cheese.

Spa Day Basket - many people could use a relaxing break but can't get away to a real spa. This basket will provide them with everything they need to enjoy a relaxing homemade spa vacation. It can include items like: bubble bath, bath salts, shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, high quality skin moisturizer, back scrubber, plush towel, plush slippers, scented candles and a relaxing music DVD.

Great gift ideas for holidays and other special occasions. Click here now: []

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Personalize Christmas Gifts Ideas

By Greg Pierce

Christmas is fast approaching, it is a season of gift giving and it is a season for people to be busy buying and wrapping gifts for their loved ones. If you are on a tight budget, and still want to give something extraordinary, then you can make personalize gifts for this season. Making your own gifts is cost effective and economical. There are many Christmas gifts ideas that you can think of for your loved ones.

If you are good at carpentry why not make your loved one furniture, with his or her name on it. You can make your own picture frame with beads and sea shells designed at the side of the frame. You can also make a personalized t-shirt with your loved ones favorite expression written at the back or front of the shirt. A home made calendar will also be a great gift idea that you can try. You can even create or have a compilation of your loved one's favorite song, make your own home video about the person; you can also write and perform a play for him or her. Give your loved one your own home made scented candles or even draw his or her picture and put it in a frame.

There are many Christmas present ideas that you can think. Be resourceful and think of the things your loved one like or his or her hobby. In this yuletide season there are many sale left and right in department store it is also a good place to look for cheap but interesting gift for your loved one this Christmas. You can also look for something nice in garage sales in your neighborhood. There is no limit on what you can do and give as long as your creativity and imagination is as wide as the ocean.

Do not be ashamed that you have given your loved one a home made gift that you made yourself. A home made gift is as special as an expensive gift as well. The time, effort and the skill that you spare just to make a unique and one of a kind gift for your loved one is more than what money can buy. Start making your own personalize today, do not wait for the month of December to come or you will end up just giving a commercial Christmas card to give to your loved one on Christmas day.

Buy wedding gifts that are affordable but of high quality that will be remembered by the recipient forever. Check out online sites that have creative wedding gift ideas for you to give the newly wed couple on their very special day

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Punsons Flora Online Christmas Gifts

A Basket Of Fresh Fruits, Wine And Gourmet Chocolates

Christmas is the festival of exchanging love and gifts. This Christmas exchange your love with your dear ones by sending gifts to them. The old and traditional way of sending Gifts for someone was to wander around in different shops for the selection of the Gifts. In a hectic schedule it is so very difficult to manage to go and buy a Gift. So now we have a best way to select a Gift by just few clicks to get your product delivered to your desired destination without any pain and that is sending it “Online”. In todays’ day by day busy schedules people do not have time to go in shops and wander around for buying Gifts. So the best way is to book an Order and get it delivered wherever you want and that too on time. The biggest advantage of sending gift online is the ‘Cheap Price’.

To order gift online has become so very popular these days that many people around the globe are using such Online Gifting Portals. Sending Gifts Online is safe and secured. So we can rely on them for sending a Gift. You would get to see the same products online which are available in the market. You can order a product in the last minute and be assured that it will be surely delivered. In such cases what you will have to do is search for a portal which provides you a timely delivery and quick shipping of your product. These Gifting Portals work as a medium for staying connected with your families staying miles away from you. Our love for the loved ones is delivered by them. Timely service and the Best Quality products are provided by these portals.

Wide range of products you will get to see online. It’s not that we would get a limited selection. Anything and Everything is sold online these days. You can send the Christmas Gifts Online all over India or abroad and that too without any shipping charges. Also you might get a healthy discount if there are any for the items you buy. So this Christmas send a gift online to your Family, Friends and Colleagues staying in any part of India.

Punsons Flora’s offers you Christmas Cakes, Flowers, Sweets, Chocolates, Christmas Hampers, Personalized Xmas present ideas and Decorative Items can be sent online. So this year get connected with your loved ones by sending gift online for them from the best Gifting Portal and surprise them. Our main motto is to make their Customers Happy and your main motto is to make your loved ones Happy. So spread Love and Happiness this “Christmas”.

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Homemade Christmas Gift Baskets Can Help to Keep Your Wallet Fat and Happy

How to Pick the Freshest Fruit Christmas Baskets

Christmas Hampers: Unique Presents Packed With Excitement

Christmas Hamper With Red Wine, Pudding, Brandy Butter, Cranberry Sauce, Luxury Biscuits And Belgian Chocolates

By: Jean Marrie
Christmas hampers are already unique on their own but you can make them more exciting if you will personally choose the items to be included in the basket. More often than not gift finding during holidays is stressing but if you know how already what to look for then the process would be a lot easier. Like for an instance, if you are looking for unique presents for the holidays one of the best choices are Christmas present hampers.

Gone are the days of giving usual gifts to friends, families and loved ones because the contemporary gift items comes nowadays in the form of Christmas hampers.

What Makes Christmas Hampers More Special and Exciting?
Christmas hampers can be more special if the items included are the one that satisfies the desires of your receiver. Whether your receiver is a friend, an officemate, your boss or just a neighbourhood Christmas hampers are still perfect. You can choose from the variety of Christmas hampers available for you to match that perfect gift for that special person.

Christmas Hampers that are associated with the best interests of your receiver makes the gift more special. You can include assorted chocolates if your friend love it or you can opt for tea and coffee tote if you know he/she enjoys drinking coffee or tea. You can impress your boss or family by giving them variety of wines or beers accompanied by tasting chocolates which are perfect combination for Christmas hampers. For a good friend or neighbourhood you can opt for Christmas hampers that contain variety of biscuits, cheese, chocolates, crackers, puddings, etc. You can also customise your Christmas gifts hampers by including items that you personally choose.

The items included are not just the one that makes Christmas hampers special and exciting but as well as the over-all package of it. Imagine how the spirit of gift giving flows when you see Christmas hampers with ribbons and special holidays ornaments together with your personal greetings.

Finding the Best Christmas Hampers
Many are investing on Christmas hamper business which increases your chance of finding the best gift basket. You can opt to search for commercial businesses or do-it-yourself Christmas hampers. You might choose to look for online providers for more convenient and stress free holiday shopping. This way you do not have to go to the mall and struggle with a lot of people shopping to look for the best Christmas gifts.

Online Christmas hamper companies can offer you more than what an onsite provider can. You can view almost all of their available Christmas hamper samples for you to choose the perfect item. You can also make comparison by visiting one store to another without exerting too much effort, money and time.
Christmas hampers are considered as the best choice for gift items nowadays because they are more catchy and unique.

About the Author:

Visit Break of Day for "> Christmas Hampers and get them delivered anywhere in Australia.

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Christmas Present Ideas - Explanation

By Tim E Wright

When it comes to thinking of Christmas present ideas it stands to reason that we want the present to be perfect. Any of us can go into a department store and pick up Christmas presents at random for our loved ones, but these don't really mean anything, they are not unique or special.

For many of us this is not good enough anymore and we want to look for more inspirational Christmas present ideas. There are lots of things that you can look at buying for friends and family this Christmas that are both unique and affordable.

If you have an animal lover that you need to buy a Christmas present for - why not look at getting them an adopt an animal package? There are any number of animals to choose from - anything ranging from dolphins to tigers or rhinos to penguins. They could be the proud foster parent of their favourite rare animal with regular up dates and photos. This means that it becomes a present that they can enjoy and benefit from all year round.

One fantastic Christmas present idea for parents or grandparents is nostalgic gifts. Everyone loves happy memories, so a present that helps celebrate one of these usually goes down very well with its recipient. You can even go one step further and look at presents such as an historical map or newspaper front page. All gifts like these can raise a smile which after all is what you want from the present that you give.

Getting good Christmas gift ideas really is just about really considering who you are buying for and what they would really like. This means taking in as many present options as you can to consider the gifts available with the intended recipient.

There's enough going on at Christmas to do without the hassle of searching your local high street or shopping centre for inspired Christmas present ideas, because the easiest way to buy these is online. You can usually source most of the presents that you want from one website, which makes things even more hassle free. Simply add the items that you want to your virtual shopping basket, complete the transaction and wait for the items to be shipped direct to your door - It really couldn't be easier!

Don't settle for a Christmas gift that someone will like, get something that they are going to love and talk about for a long time to come. I am sure we all have presents that we have really loved and remember for ever, make sure the next Christmas gifts you buy become just that!

Tim Wright loves finding new and exciting Christmas presents. He also works at GoneDigging, a personalised gift company, so he's got the inside scoop on the very best Christmas present ideas.

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Christmas Gift Baskets. The Hot Mens Gift Choice For This Christmas

Christmas is near, and so many people are looking for new and innovative Christmas gift ideas for that special man in their lives. Have you ever thought of giving him a Christmas gift basket?

Gift baskets are fast becoming the growth area of the gifts industry. And for good reason. A well selected gift basket can make a fine gift for a man, or a woman for that matter, and so more and more people are turning to Christmas gift baskets for their choice of Christmas gifts this year.

Why? There's a few reasons. The first is the proliferation of fantastic gift basket retailers on the internet. Gift baskets are now huge business, especially online. There are some very capable gift basket companies operating online offering all sorts of unique and innovative gift basket ideas, both for gift baskets for Christmas, and for any other special occasion.

Gift baskets can be easily transported if packaged well, and of course it is the job of the gift basket company to make sure they are packaged well. They can be shipped all over the country. Of course there are some limitations, you wouldn't ship a chocolate gift basket in summer, but as long as you pay attention to the limitations, gift baskets of all types are shipped all over the US.

A well chosen gift basket can make a unique Christmas gift. There are now so many good gift basket companies online that there are thousands of choices available for the Christmas gift basket buyer. Just about any gift you could imagine is available as a gift basket. Does your man have a particular interest that may be the subject of a Christmas gift? If so there is most likely a gift basket available for him. It's just a matter of finding it.

And if you really can't find one there are even gift basket companies that allow you to indivually select the gifts that go into his gift basket, then they pack the gift basket for you. So you can make a gift basket uniquely for him.

Giving him a gift basket for Christmas gives you options. Because a gift basket is comprised of a collection of gifts rather than just one you can be pretty sure that one or other of the gifts inside will take his fancy.

Not only that, a beautiful gift basket is easy to make. If you absolutely can't find what you want in a gift basket, or if you're just inventive and like making special home made Christmas gifts, it's easy to make a lovely Christmas gift basket. Find an interesting container, buy him a bunch of interesting gifts to put in it and there's your Christmas hampers. Wrap it nicely and you've made a wonderful homemade Christmas gift that he should love.

Or even make the ingredients. If you're handy in the kitchen why not make a selection of delicious goodies like fudge or cookies or toffee, and make a special gourmet Christmas gift basket for him.

Add a bottle or 2 of wine or Champagne, or some other special tipple he'll love, and you've made him a lovely gift for Christmas. Men love eating and drinking and you can't go too far wrong with a gift basket for him like that.

So if you're tearing your hair out about what to buy him this Christmas why not consider a Christmas gift basket for him this year? They are all the rage, for very good reasons.

Peter Crump - About the Author:

Peter calls himself the Mens Gift Guru and runs one of the webs premier websites all about gift baskets, and other mens gift ideas, called a Find That Gift For Him. Visit his Squidoo lens about gifts baskets for lots of ideas for making or finding great mens Christmas gift baskets.


How to Make Sure You Have a Relaxing Christmas Gift

By Penny Day

Christmas gift can be such a stressful time: with the trawl around the shops, the card-writing, gift-wrapping, turkey-buying, relative-visiting, work parties and nativity plays to think of, sometimes it can all seem too much. Well, fear no more, our clever ideas and time-saving tips will have you smiling right through to the New Year.

Write a list

Many of the goodies we all love at Christmas will stay fresh in their packets for weeks. Instead of putting strain on your budget by loading up on sweets, chocolates, nuts and selection boxes all at once, buy them over the whole month. Write a list and each time you go shopping pick one item to buy from it. This trick also works for presents, drinks and decorations.

Shop smart (cheat!)

Consider buying an easy-to-carve turkey crown, pre-made stuffing, bread sauce and gravy mix etc. While it would be great to be able to serve everything home-made, there are many pre-made elements of the meal in the shops which taste as good as your own, are cheaper to buy, and will save you time and stress on the day itself. Marks and Spencer has a delicious selection to make life easier.

Buy online

Why traipse around town in the cold when you can curl up on the sofa with your laptop and credit card. Make sure you check delivery times and stock, especially on this year's must-have toys and games. Visit for last delivery dates for all the major retailers such as Amazon, Argos and Hamleys.

Extra guests

If a dinner for six turns into a party for 12, don't panic. A sit-down meal for six easily makes a buffet for many more, so have paper plates and napkins in reserve and lay out all the dishes at once. If you need a few more nibbles you can't go wrong with nuts, pretzels and olives. For drinks, pick up a couple of wine boxes (look out for offers in the supermarkets) and decant into a carafe in the kitchen when needed.


Don't think everything is up to you. Christmas should be a family time where everyone chips in and does their bit. Even the youngest children can join in - get them to lay the table with placenames and crackers. Even if you could do it quicker yourself let them use their imagination and feel part of the preparations.

The big day

For most December 25th revolves around food and gifts. Pressies don't need planning but mealtimes do. Decide what time you are going to eat and work backwards from that point. Most cookery books will give you an idea of how much time you'll need to cook the Christmas gift baskets feast - aim for at least 2pm or you'll be up at the crack of dawn.

Have a secret weapon

At seven o'clock on Christmas Eve younger children (and many grown-ups) may be getting a bit over-excited. As a treat (and bribe) let them open one special early gift from under the tree. Then put on a relaxing family DVD they can watch quietly before going to bed.

Have some me time

No matter how much you love your extended family, too much of a good thing can be a recipe for disaster. Make sure you schedule in some time for yourself, and your immediate family. Take the dog for a walk, meet friends for coffee, or pack everyone off for the day and enjoy the whole house just to yourself. Your family will thank you for it later.

Don't make a meal of dinner

Peel and trim your veggies the day before and store them in water so that they don't go brown. Wrap the sausages in bacon on Christmas Eve and make sure your meat is ready to go straight into the oven - and that everything is defrosted properly. This way, when it comes down to it, all you'll need to do on Christmas morning is cook.

Stock up on batteries

There'll be tears before bedtime if the toys don't work on Christmas Day so make sure you have a couple of packets of spare batteries or charge up plenty of rechargeable ones.

Emergency numbers

Keep a list of handy numbers by the phone just in case something goes wrong. Your regular plumber or electrician may also be on holiday so find an alternative; is a UK wide (excluding Northern Ireland) 24-hour emergency call-out company specialising in all domestic disasters - from blocked drains to broken ovens. Before queuing for hours at the local A&E or surgery, call the NHS Direct helpline for expert advice on 0845 4647.

You can find more information on christmas decorations and christmas ideas at house to home, helping you create a look you'll love

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Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Christmas Gifts For Co Workers

What is the best type of Christmas gift to give your co-workers?

This Christmas we are having a gift exchange at our office. It is something we have done for the past seven years. Most of us have more than we need already and so the Christmas gift ideas is not the important part, it is more the thought. Every year I struggle with what type of Christmas gift I can give.

There are ten of us in the exchange and we all have different interests and so finding one type of gift that fits everyone is always difficult. This year after much thought, I came up with an idea of doing something personalized. I think it is a gift that everyone would like and also it would have some sentimental value. Here are some tips to finding the perfect personalized Christmas present ideas:

I found that by spending a few hours on my computer, I could find several sites that allowed me to order a large variety of personalized things. I could have a picture from our Christmas party put on a mouse pad or order a mug with shots from our summer picnic. It was very inexpensive and there were several places to order from. I found cute bath towels with initials monogrammed on them. The list of things available was endless and the best part was that I could do it all from home. No trips to the mall.

The important part was that this year I was giving something that was special because it was personalized. Memories are important to all of us and at Christmas it is always fun to reflect on some of the things that we did the past year.

Remember that a personalized Christmas gift doesn't have to cost a lot but it means a lot.

After it was all said and done, I was really happy with the results and I think my co workers were pleased to. When I sat down and looked at the overall cost, I think I came in under budget. So if you have a gift exchange at work this year and you want to give a gift that is meaningful try the internet and having something personalized. Don't be afraid of the cost, because I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Think outside of the box. Make your Christmas ideas personalized and your gifts will be the hit of the party.

Pammy Brown is a contributing author for Planet Gift Baskets, an industry leader in gift baskets and Christmas Gifts. For more gift giving ideas, visit our Gift Giving Resource Guide.

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Distinctive Proposals to Facilitate You Buy Wonderful Christmas Gifts for Your Loved Ones

People are expressing their love, affection and care many ways and proffering gifts to the loved ones is one of them. Generally, gifts are proposed during the assorted occurrences and festivities, and of all the events Christmas is believed to the top festivity where everyone takes the delight to gift apt Christmas gifts to their loved ones. Bockers & Pony are one of the most exclusive and exceptional names which proffer their patrons the finest and high quality personal and Christmas corporate gifts. Across the nation they are thought as the one stop destination for the top class gifts for nearly all occurrences and festivities. Here at Bonkers & Pony, you can straightforwardly find an collection of gifts for mother's day, Valentine's Day, and also special gifts like chocolate hampers, luxury hampers, gourmet hampers, Christmas trinkets, and a wide ocean of baby and toddler gifts.

They propose array of plans to buy unique and extraordinary Christmas gifts for your loved ones. Some of the finest chocolate array and attractive chocolate gift hamper is their specialty. They are obsessive about present the gifts as per the schedule of their customers. To give you with the preeminent and novel array of gifts, they also offer you with a range of the top gifts from the preeminent gift manufacturers across the country. Thus they make sure that they proffer you with the most selected gift proposals so as to help you satisfy your esteemed customers. They also propose you plenty of gift ideas for even the corporate business houses who wish to offer class employee gifts to their dear employees during the several festivities such as Christmas, etc.

Bockers & Pony have made outstanding reputation for creating amazing gifts for personal and corporate clients. With an perfect presentation style their gifts positively make their own style statement. To make an everlasting impression, they always look for the some distinctive and novel gifts. They can proffer the proper gifts as per your funds also. Just let them know about the limitation of your finances and they would offer numerous gift ideas matching your account. They are widely known for their stunning and modern gift packages. They thus proffer you impressive gift packages that suit all your events precisely. They have designed some elite selection of Christmas gift boxes to complete the gift idea. These storage boxes are also entirely designed to ensure the outstanding look of the gift hampers.

Each gift is pristinely presented with a classic ribbon and tag. If the client wishes, they also add a personal note on a exclusively designed gift card. Moreover, for those who can't reach the store to opt for the Christmas gifts, then they can also position an order through the website. Their website is fully loaded with all the gift ideas as per their classes.

Jessica Thomson - About the Author:

For more insights and further information about Christmas hampersvisit our site


Reasons Why Christmas Hampers Make Great Gifts

By: Cyril Stanhope

Picking out the best Christmas present is usually an incredibly difficult task, which explains why lots of people find themselves battling with it every year. They may then start asking folks for gift ideas by asking friends and searching for Christmas advice. In spite of all the help in the world many people will still struggle to come up with what they say is a great gift. This is why many people end up getting the same kind of items for Christmas such as cologne, socks and shirts. A good way of avoiding this is to go store shopping with someone before Christmas and listen to the different comments they make about products they see when you are out and about.

Some people wind up indulging in all sorts of wonderful snacks at Christmas and one of the best ways to do this is by ordering a Christmas hamper. You will find that Christmas hampers are a great present to give someone as they tend to contain something everyone relishes. There are a whole host of other reasons why food hampers make great Christmas gifts.

They are a great way to repay your employees and show your gratitude for all their hard work. They are also very good for saying thank you to your providers and customers. These superb Christmas hampers are more than likely to be packed full of traditional Christmas treats like figs, brandy butter and Christmas puds, Christmas cake and mulled wine kits. Hampers like this are a great solution for any enterprises that need to send corporate gifts. It is because you can give them to people that you don't necessarily know too well without having to worry about if they will be suitable or not.

One of the other fantastic things about Christmas hampers is that they come in a wide range of different styles. This can help make it very easy to find a food hamper for someone that prefers certain types of food. If you know someone that is a cheese fanatic then there are some cheese and crackers hampers that come packed with different strength cheeses. A sweet hamper will satisfy anyone that has a craving for confectionery as they come packed with classic sweets from yesteryear as well as some of todays favourites. These make a great treat for children big and small.

The surprise of looking into food hampers and not knowing what delicious treats you are going to pull out next is one of the things that makes them so special. All of the different food and drink products that make up a luxury hamper are of excellent quality so it is a delight to receive one. Think how grateful a loved one or business partner would be when they begin taking out each product one by one, saying how much they love this one or how much they have always wanted to try this.

Most hamper businesses will have a vast range of products at different prices. This is great for anyone who has restrictions on their budget as it means that they can get something they can afford rather than having to stretch themselves. Those that do not have to worry about how much they spend and want to send out a luxury hamper will be able to buy the very best that there is.

A great feature of these Christmas gifts online sort of gifts is that you can often have them personalised. This means that you can select the individual products, the presentation and the packaging. Not only this but you can also attach a personal message to the person who is receiving it.

About the Author:
If you need to send a Christmas hamper in 2010 then why not check out

How to Make the Best Personalized Christmas Gifts Online

If Christmas is just around the corner, you might be thinking of what personalized Christmas gifts to give to your relatives and friends. The best one that you can give would probably be a bobble head. These are unique novelty items that will surely brighten up anyone's face - whether it is a child or an adult. But first, you need to know how to make these personalized Christmas gifts truly personal. Simply follow these great steps and you will be well on your way to coming up with a great personalized Christmas gifts for people you love.

First, know that these personalized Christmas gifts are one of a kind. It may even be the start of a new collection for some. Therefore, try to inject a bit of importance into what you are trying to produce. You will need to put a lot of planning to make this personalized Christmas gifts project a success. Get a piece of paper and pencil and list down each person whom you will want to gift with these personalized Christmas gifts. After listing them down, your next task would be to look for pictures of each person.

This will be the basis for molding of your personalized Christmas gifts. After you have collected and selected pictures, decide on a theme for each individual in your list. These personalized Christmas gifts are really great ways to portray someone - whether that person is already it or not. You can put themes such as gardener or football hero for people who will receive these great personalized Christmas gifts. It will also be easier for you to choose the outfits later.

The next step into making these personalized Christmas gifts happen is to go online. Look for a company that makes these personalized Christmas hampers and compare prices. Once you get to choose a company, you can then start looking at the sections for designs. You can either make a personalized Christmas gifts based on the existing designs or go for full customization.

You can either go for the pre-selected accessories or clothes or submit your own request for original ones. Take note that with these adjustments in personalized Christmas gifts, there are price differences. Make sure you stay within budget and still get to order for everyone in your list.

After choosing and ordering the personalized Christmas gifts of bobble heads for everyone, you are now ready to pay for it. You can pay via credit card or cash on delivery. It is very easy to make an online transaction for these personalized Christmas gifts. Once you pay using the method of your choice, you can then simply wait until the delivery time.

These people who make these great personalized Christmas gifts can either send the entire package to you or send it individually to the people you are going to gift them with. You can also pre-time the personalized Christmas gifts online delivery at the time you want. Imagine kids receiving these great gifts come Christmas morning - that is surely worth the effort you had invested in it!


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Holiday Gifts For Professional in This Coming Christmas

Most of us struggle when finding holiday gifts for our beloved during Christmas, most especially the best gifts that are intended for professionals. Yes, it's very obvious that gifts for professionals like corporates and executives needs to be quite extraordinary. The fact that these people earn a high profile, therefore your holiday present needs to follow accordingly as well. However, this Christmas ideas need not cost a fortune for you. Here is the List of Christmas gift ideas for professionals:

Jewelry Box

It is pretty sure that Jewelry are abundant during Christmas, and so as to those high profiled people who have rich friends and colleagues to give them high valued jewelry. Therefore, you may want to give a jewelry box where he or she could preserve valuable jewelries. Why not give a Personalized Cherry Wood Keepsake Box, a classic and sophisticated gifts perfect for business men and women. This jewelry box offers luxurious storage for everyday items and treasures as well, perfect for office or house display which can be made personalize to commemorate the Christmas party. Other choices will be Personalized Leather Jewelry Roll, Personalized Leather Mini Jewelry Case and Personalized Jewelry Chest.

Photo Frames and Albums

When you think of gifts that are likely to be remembered, perhaps picture frames and albums are the things that first come into your mind. These items are very ideal though, whether it is for Christmas party or not - any events that picture frames and albums works perfectly well as a gift. You may like this Personalized Standing Photo Album, a sleek and stylish desk accessory for executives and corporates. This photo album makes a superb business gift to a mark a career milestone or to celebrate the Christmas together with your esteemed associate. He or she can showcase chosen treasured pictures using this thoughtful gift that seamlessly coordinates to his or her home or office d├ęcor. Or perhaps an Engravable Beaded Frame where treasured photographs belongs. Let your receiver frame his or her family's photograph to commemorate the Christmas, make it more unique by engraving personal message or names. This gift is can accentuate professionals' office desk, mantle or bookshelf.

Leather Accessories

Leather accessories can make a perfect gift especially for top executives. Leathers goods typically come in classy and sophisticated appeal. Another thing about leathers is they are very durable which busy people could use in daily basis. Just like any gift options, leather items comes with different selection to choose from. On this coming Christmas you may want to give a Personalized Leather Business Journal, a classic and elegant gift for business-minded people, a great accessory during business trips where he or she can record memories in a sophisticated bound book. This can be made personalize, allowing you to give elegantly embossed business gifts even if you're on a budget.

Other Christmas present ideas options for professionals are Cufflinks for men, Money Clips, Personalized business card holders, desk organizer set, desk clocks, bookends, pen holders and other business items you may think of.

The Importance Of Christmas Corporate Gifts

By: Sabina Kucz

We're heading to close for 2010, what a year this has been indeed.
The labour party lost the trust of many of their leading regions, why would this Christmas gift be? Everybody seems to have an opinion on this topic but the main words I keep hearing over and over is that Gordon Brown was solely responsible for the sunny economic climate taking a nose dive and heading due north! One man can do this? It does seem rather unjust to place such a huge amount of blame on one man's shoulders, surely he cannot be held responsible for the world's economic problems?

If those who wish to cast the first stone actually took a step back and looked at the world in general they would actually notice a pattern forming. It's not just the UK that seems to be caught up in dire straits here. It actually the whole world that is embroiled in this mess. So why blame Gordon Brown? Would this be the easiest solution? Again with the word blame the word "claim" comes into play, I've noticed many an advertisement doing it's rounds regarding being mis-sold insurance on loans etc. This really is a dog eat dog world, the survival of the fittest! Put simply when there is cause for blame many people would always look out and are ever so ready to point the finger, why not grab a mirror and take a long hard look.

Although controversial the answer is simple. Greed, our greed is solely responsible for this catastrophic situation, always striving for more, never happy with what we have. Our health, our families, our happiness all these seem to hold no more weight as it once did. Having more and being able to display what we have to the Jones' appears to be the new way of living.
As it was in the last recession, many business whom had built their foundations based on people's greed are now struggling, companies who were once able to quite literally throw money your way are now scratching the ground to find a penny. It's the businesses that have worked through their way honestly that require our help, we need to support local businesses and show our support. People are becoming scared about who to place their trust with, shop today and loose tomorrow?

Holiday companies going into administration overnight leaving holiday makers stranded and seriously out of pocket with the real threat of danger from local occupants wanting money from them. Surely it makes sense to look after your customer. Now that the year is coming to close many customers and clients of varying businesses will be eagerly awaiting their gifts presented to them by companies that cherish their custom. This will be struggle for many as allocating a budget for Christmas corporate gifts is not something that may have been included in their financial agenda, however, quite a crucial one I would have thought, this is not just a general gift, this is a message to customers and clients to show them that you are still going strong, a company that can be trusted so a pencil or note pads won't suffice this time round. Choose wisely, it's time to show your customers and clients that you are still going strong.

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Adding Value to your Christmas Corporate Gifts

By: McCully Annabel

The majority of companies whether they are big or small generally give their customers a gift at Christmas time. Because everyone is giving at the same time it means that it becomes very competitive to get your customer’s attention. There are a few key things that you can do to add value to your corporate Christmas gift and ensure that your gift is acknowledged, appreciated and most importantly kept by your customer; there is nothing worse then spending a large amount of money on gifts only to find that they have been thrown away.


Whether an item is cheap or expensive, if it is personalised with our own name we become much more reluctant to throw the item away. Personalisation shows that you have put more thought into your gift and that it is not just a mass mail-out to a whole database. Some great ideas for personalisation are putting your clients name on a pen, shirt or cap. The different in cost may only be a dollar or two but it will result in a big different in the longevity of your product in your customer’s life.

Picking an appropriate product

While you may think you are being proactive by giving your customer a gift, if you give a CEO a twenty cent pen you may actually doing more harm than good. It is really important to pick an item that is appropriate to the person’s position so that you do not offend them. A great idea is to segment your customers into Category A, B and C customers. In Category A you put a small amount of top customers who you spend a reasonable amount of money on for their gifts in order to acknowledge and thank them for their business. Category B should be the rest of your steady customers where you spent less on the individual item but give more people. Finally, Category C should be your potential customers who you want to give a gift to in the hope that they will do business with you. This may just be a pen and notepad or something else that is reasonably inexpensive.

The number one reason people throw away a gift is because they have no use for the item. For example, there is no point giving someone who spends all there time on the road like a truck driver an executive desk pad. It would be more appropriate to give a travel mug or something that they will be more inclined to use on the road.

There is also the temptation to give your customer something that relates to their industry. You figure that your customer is a builder and so you give him a tape measure; the only problem is that your customer is a professional and is not likely to turn up on the worksite with a two dollar tape measure to draw up a job. If you want to give the customer something that relates to their industry you need to make it a novelty item. A great example of this is the Friday Afternoon Hammer; it can be used not only as a hammer but also as a bottle opener. Therefore your client will realise the link between the item and their industry but will also have a use for it.

Attention to Detail

What makes a present special? It is not just the present itself; it is also the way in which it is given. Think about designer retail stores; when they put your purchase in the bag they do not just drop it in; they carefully fold and wrap it in tissue paper with a sticker and gently place it in the bag. This shows that they value the item they have sold to you. It is all a part of the overall experience of shopping at that outlet.

It is the same thing with a present; compare the feelings associated with a beautifully gift-wrapped present and receiving the good in the bag from the store in which it was purchased. Your customer feels the same way and so by spending a little extra to have your present gift-wrapped it may make the gift more special for the receiver.

The way in which the gift will be delivered will also make an impact, are you going to hand-deliver it, send it via courier or through standard mail. Will you use a plain envelope or a special one you have bought for the occasion? Again make it appropriate for the customer; if it is a Category A customer you should definitely try and hand deliver it, unless they are interstate the expense would not be worth it. For Category B I would recommend sending via a courier and for Category C standard mail should be fine.

Overall, choosing your Christmas corporate gifts can be a complicated business. Try and not leave it to the last minute, brainstorm and plan your idea and think about all the little details. Think of ways that you can add value to your gift and ensure that it is not thrown away. This may seem over-whelming at first but it can also be very rewarding. Think about the items on your desk…how long have you used the same mug, mouse-mat or pen for? Those items were probably carefully selected by someone to suit your needs and is the reason why you still use them to this very day.


Buy Christmas Trees Online & Get the Hottest Deal

The Christmas season is approaching and pretty soon many a families, peculiarly the children, would be elaborate and excited in picking out their trees and decking them than just shopping for Christmas hampers. many families reckon forward to the bonding time when they are beautifying the tree. They can talk to each other, catch up with each other's natural actions, and so on. The work of finding the tree itself, nevertheless, might be a rough-and-tumble. galore parents are working and they don't have time in taking the jaunt and transporting the tree. If you wish a hassle-free selection, examine to Buy Christmas trees online.

The operation of Taking Your Tree

The work of Picking Out your own Christmas gifts tree is an gratifying and play activeness. You can straight execute so with the minors for family bringing together and bodily function. There are numerous providers that offer the Best Christmas trees on malls and home decor stores. But if you are short on time and searching for that tying time with the minors, just Buy Christmas trees online. You can nevertheless obtain the Freshest first-class by merely reading cautiously the tags and merchandising info and preferring the right website and online home decor market. You can besides formulate further your human relationship with your family if you execute the work of Taking the tree online.

Nailing Down the Picks Down

There are several internet sites on the Internet that can cater you with the Nicest trees in town. To grant you an estimate of the several Christmas trees that you can incur on the Internet, here are two of the most concerning products. These are the 7.5-foot Lime Green Cashmere Tree with 500 green lights and the 9-foot Royal Slim Pine Tree with 300 multicolored LED lights.

The Lime Green Cashmere Tree is a great supreme when you are reasoning of purchasing your tree of Christmas gifts online. Be a tendency setter this flavor and celebrate the vacations with the most occupying and rich colors. The tree is likewise catered with intrinsical lightings and long needles to hold back your ornaments. Here are its special possesses:

1. 500 green lights
2. 1024 tips
3. 57" diameter
4. Hinged construction
5. Flame retardant
6. Non-allergenic
7. Stand involved
8. Warranty involved

The Royal Slim Pine Tree is as well one of the various Christmas trees you might wish to deal when you want to be a drift setter this season. This tree will naturally remind you of the novel ones because of it's scintillating flavor. It aspects phenomenal with simply the means it is but you can augment its beauty by beautifying it. The warm glowing of the lights is created by the led lighting inside. Here are some of its characteristics.

1. 300 multi-colored led lights
2. 1682 tips
3. 47" diameter
4. Hinged construction
5. Flame retardant
6. Non-allergenic
7. Stand included
8. Guarantee included

Be the trend setter of the town this season. There are diverse places where you can Buy Christmas trees but it's Most Smashing for you to Buy Christmas trees online, particularly at Seasonal Home Concepts.