Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Living Hope

What is your purpose in life? What hopes and dreams do you cherish? Have you ever been taken out from your comfort zone and left to survive alone? What will be your most memorable experience which you can live to tell?

What keeps us hoping and wishing for the best in life? What is behind your motivation to work hard, earning lots of money for our loved ones to spend and enjoy?

Picking up as many beautiful seashells from the beach, collecting them in a pretty bottle and presenting it with flowers from a florist, to the love of your life?

Delivery of some chocolates and wines from a florist, to that someone you miss?

What will make your heart flutter? Hearing the waves crashing against the breakwaters? Composing a love song for someone special? Preparing and cooking a gourmet dish for your spouse? Taking a stroll by the park, holding the hands of your loved one?

Whatever makes you smile, go along that trend of thought and you will realise what truly matters to you.

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