Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Christmas Gifts for Your Coworkers | How and What to Buy?

By Thomas Ajava

It can always be a tricky situation in your office if somebody hands you a Christmas gift and you have nothing to give back. Thus, it is a good idea to set aside a small budget for your colleagues at work. Giving a gift to a colleague will also better the relations between them and you as they will appreciate the fact that you took the time and effort to think of them.

Here are some tips and gifts that you can consider when buying gifts for colleagues.

• If you are gifting all the people in your team or office, make sure that you buy them all the same thing. Nothing is worse than favoritism and you do not want to even accidentally hand one colleague a more expensive gift. There are enough politics in an office already and you do not want to complicate it. The same gift to all employees will ensure harmony.

• If you are a boss of a company or are in a managerial position, you could look into company policy to see if you are within your right to use some of the office funds to buy Christmas gifts for the employees. Many companies usually have some such clause where Christmas gifts can be funded as it is a good way for a company to encourage and improve employee morale.

• Keep your gifts to coworkers on a small budget. You definitely do not want to spend too much on your office colleagues as it is not a personal relationship. If there are some colleagues who are close to you, give them a more personal or more expensive gift outside of the office.

Some common Christmas present ideas that are a hit with co workers

• Assorted candy in a jar - You will find some departmental stores carrying these really colorful candy jars that look very attractive. It will make a nice gift for the office as it will sort of look like a decoration item on the table. All your co workers will also have a quick sugar rush from one of these candies when they want to and that will always be appreciated by them.

• Gift certificates to a restaurant - This is again not a very expensive gift but it is one that will definitely be put to use and no one is going to pass up a meal at a good restaurant. Since you will also be gifting it to a bunch of co-workers, you can also have a fun little outing where you all go together to use up the certificates.

• Miniature sized liquor bottles - Even department stores are selling these nowadays and they will make a nice gift as they look like a collector's item. You can also joke around in the office and monitor who bottle does not have any liquor in them anymore as drinking on the job is not permitted at most workplaces.

• Coffee mug - This is one of the cheapest and yet most popular gift out there that you can give to your colleagues. Many shops will allow you to write personalized messages on the mug and you can make the gift more personal by writing each employee's name on their mug.

I hope this article would have shown you a way to decide on a nice Christmas gift for your coworkers.

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