Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Free Stock Market Christmas Hamper Gifts from 4 Investing & Online trading Authors

Author: John Atkinson

Internationally acclaimed Stock Market Authors Alan Hull, Daryl Guppy, Jim Berg and Louise Bedford have come together to give away an extremely valuable Christmas Hamper Gift – to help new traders get started in the market and to help existing investors improve their performance.

During December only 2010, you can download this gift at FreeXmasHamper.com instantly at no cost.

One of the contributors is Jim Berg, co-editor of his mentoring-style ‘Investing & Online Trading’ Stock Market Newsletter. From his research of the signals prior to crashes and bear markets over the previous 20 years, in late 2007 Jim warned his Members of the looming potential for a downturn, before the GFC.

Two weeks later, in January 2008, Jim closed his own self managed retirement fund (SMSF) and Newsletter Portfolio. They remained closed for 1.5 years during the whole of the Global Financial Crisis. Those Newsletter Members who followed Jim’s lead during the GFC saved themselves from NOT losing millions of dollars between them.

Author of ‘Shares to Buy and When’, Jim Berg says:

“Our Free christmas hamper was Alan Hull’s idea. For many years, Louise, Daryl, Alan, and I have been profitably trading and investing in various stock and share markets and sharing our knowledge independently through our books, newsletters and courses.

We have now combined our experience of decades and packaged it together to provide traders and investor worldwide with a valuable gift to help them get started in the market or to help them improve their profits”

This Free Christmas Hamper (valued over $188), comes with:

Free Gift #1 Louise Bedford’s very best articles – ‘Trading Insights’

Free Gift #2: ’10 Secrets to Profitable Online Trading & Investing’ ebook by Jim Berg and John Atkinson explains how to survive and thrive in the stock market.

Free Gift #3: ‘Day Traders and Money Management’ spreadsheet packs and Daryl Guppy’s Exchange Trading Fund (ETF) eBook ‘Profit Without Pain’.

Free Gift #4: Alan Hull’s ‘Charting Without Pain’ (5 Beginner Modules) and ‘Managing Asset Class Shares’

Until December 31st 2010 only, this valuable Free christmas delivery gifts of priceless education for profitable investing and trading is ready for you to download now at FreeXmasHamper.com.

Author: John Atkinson

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