Thursday, December 2, 2010

Creating A Luxury Christmas Hamper For A Great Personal Touch

Author: Melissa Andrews

When it comes to Christmas there are some christmas delivery gifts that can always be relied on to bring a smile to people’s faces. If you can give a personal touch to your gifts then this can make presents even better. Christmas hampers are one of those gifts that can be given to friends and family and can be tailor made or even themed to suit the person receiving the gift.

If you are planning on sending your hamper through the post then a sturdy picnic basket is a great way to make sure the content arrive in good condition. These can be quite expensive but often it is possible to find them in charity shops for very little money if you are lucky to find the right one. If you are trying to save a bit more money on the actual basket then why not try decorating a cardboard box with some pretty Christmas paper or ribbon to dress it up.

If you add some shredded paper or even some straw this can not only help to protect the contents but it can also help to fill out the box and display all the contents at their best. Some baskets have lids that are great to close to keep the mystery however if your basket does not have a lid then some simple cellophane and a few nice bows can make the hamper look professional.

Jams chutneys and pickles can be jarred up and added to your hamper. If you are a baker then you can also make your own mice pies or cakes to add to the hamper which can give them a great personal touch.

If you are not so great at making your own cakes and treats then there are some great store bought treats that could be added and if you pick things you know the recipient likes then this still adds a good personal touch. If you are making the hamper for adults then try a bottle of their favourite spirit or wine or for non drinkers add a special variety of coffee or tea that could be added along with some nice china cups to enjoy the drink in.

Children can also love a hamper as a gift. If you can add some homemade biscuits or even some creative materials or games to the hamper they are sure to be able to be kept busy over the festive period. Perhaps you could even add the ingredients and recipe for them to make their own treats.

If you are lacking in time you will find shops and websites who will be able to create a customised Christmas hamper for you so you can add that personal touch without all the work. So if you are stuck for gift ideas this Christmas, don’t worry, you can create a christmas hamper to suit anyone.

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