Sunday, December 5, 2010

Unusual Christmas Gifts for Kids

By Thomas Baugh

You don't have to give into the usual telly-filled requests from your child's Christmas gift baskets list every year. There's no point, because once you've gone through the effort of not only wrapping but then unboxing on Christmas day the fourth generic plastic robot whatever or stereotypical doll number three, they'll play with it or the box for ten minutes and still end up in front of the television.

What do you do then? It may seem unusual, but get them involving presents and turn off that television so that you can have a family friendly Christmas this year.

For Girls

While pink presents are popular amongst girls, why not go for something a bit craftier? There are oodles of crafty gifts out there that are child friendly and offer a brilliant chance for parents to bond with their little ones.

From making your own Christmas tree fairy out of felt, to linking together paper chains to string up about the house, Christmas morning could see your little princess helping to add to the seasonal charm of your home. For the braver and more experienced crafting child and their accompanying parents, there's also a lot of great starter knitting kits available too.

For Boys

Doesn't matter if it's aliens from space, trains or cowboys, drawing has always been a fond activity of boys everywhere. Use this Christmas gift as a chance for their imagination to run riot and buy for them some simple drawing materials.

It depends on the age of the boy concerned, but once you've got paper sorted out it'll be a case of deciding what they'll use to draw with. Crayons are ideal for younger boys in the family, while a good selection of colouring pencils is bound to meet the creative needs of older boys in the family. Just remember to pick up a pencil sharpener.

Tip: You can find lots of interesting and unusual Christmas gifts for kids at online gift shops, for far less than you'd pay in big name stores.

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