Thursday, December 2, 2010

How To Find A Christmas Gift For A Guy

By Gregory Hayes

Many women dread the thought of trying to pick out Christmas gift baskets for a guy. Classic "most wanted" suggestions are an array of the most expensive electronic gadgets, most which are doomed to be obsolete the moment the package is opened. But truth be told, most men these days are tiring of the endless march of electronics, many of which only further complicate their lives. They would rather have more meaningful gifts that simplify their lives, not complicate them further. With that being said, here are some simple rules for selecting the perfect gift for any man in your life.

Rule #1. Understand his passions
Generally speaking, men are not complicated creatures. Aside from work and family, most men dive into one, or perhaps two hobbies, with an eye toward excellence. They will pursue these with a passion that often borders on obsession. If you take the time to listen, he will inevitably give you the clues you need to select a gift to help him in his endeavor. It may be that the yard lover would love nothing more than an electric pole saw for trimming hard to reach bushes, the book lover his first e-book reader, or the outdoorsman a new pocketknife.

Rule #2. Look to his children
It's no secret that men aren't good at communicating their emotions. Despite that, men love their families passionately. Gifts that remind us of that affection, and more importantly, that's it is returned, will always win us over. How many times has a child found a box of seemingly meaningless knickknacks hidden away in his father's closet. Picture frames with family photos, handwritten notes from the children, and other hand-crafted memorabilia from those who love us are treasures of incalculable value.

Rule #3. Simplify his life

Men, just like women, are inevitably pressed for time. With economic conditions being difficult, the demands of both providing for, and caring for, our families weigh upon us heavily. Time has become the most precious of commodities. Small gifts that simplify life are, in many ways, more appreciated than large, complex gestures that become yet another burden to be borne. While they often aren't grand gestures, Christmas gift aimed squarely at making our lives easier are perhaps the most appreciated of all gestures. Books and magazine subscriptions can be among the most simple of things to show you care, without adding complexity to his life.

Although we have a reputation for being difficult to buy gifts for, guys really aren't that complicated. If you keep these tips in mind when selecting gifts for the guy in your life, there's no way you can go wrong.

Greg Hayes is the author of a fitness blog, where he writes about living a balanced lifestyle. For more of his thoughts on selecting Christmas presents for men, check out his blog.

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