Wednesday, November 3, 2010

7 Sure-Fire Tips For Unique Christmas Gift Baskets

By Qing Gu

Christmas gift baskets can be the one solution to all of your holiday buying problems.

Christmas is a huge occasion for millions of people throughout the world. Many people save up money all year long just so they can have enough money to go Christmas shopping. Some people max out their credit cards just to get all of the Christmas gifts they want to buy for family, friends and colleagues.

The problem is whether you save up money or max out your credit cards, you might feel that you are just going Christmas shopping just to get another thing done in your life - like it is simply another errand you must run and complete. Gift buying and giving should not feel like this. It should feel like something more, and the gifts should be special and personal.

Even more, Christmas shouldn't set you back financially. That takes all of the fun out of it.

The better solution for all of this is to create unique Christmas gift baskets! It won't look cheap, and your recipients will feel so great and might even ask you where you bought it! And you don't have to be a craft or arts guru to create your own Christmas gourmet baskets. It can be easy, fun, personable, and even less expensive than buying gifts from the store.

When you are creating a Christmas basket, you first need to think about the person you are creating it for.

Everyone has favorites, whether it is colors, a sports team, their career, etc. To begin creating unique gift baskets, you will need essential supplies and a little creativity.

Here is a step by step guide to creating your own Christmas gift baskets:

1. Start with a list of everyone you will be giving gift baskets to, and list their favorite things.

2. Start with the baskets as your first option. Choose one that you think would best suit the person you are giving it to so they can use it for something else after the holidays such as Christmas fruit gift basket.

3. You will need some ribbons, fake grass, etc. for filling in the basket. You also want it to spill out on the sides a bit to give it that festive look.

4. Think about what supplies you want to add to each person's basket and write him or her down on your list.

5. Remember to keep it personal, but simple, too. Don't frazzle yourself over where you are going to get what, and how much it is going to cost. These Christmas gift baskets are easy to make and less expensive than other Holiday gifts.

6. Don't stop with just the people on your list. Don't forget about babies and pets! A new mom or dad would love to have a baby gift basket, and the pet lover in your family would be delighted with a gift basket just for their pet! Just make those gifts a little smaller than the rest, especially if you have a large list and a small budget.

7. You can also do this for gifts at work. Surprise your boss and co-workers with a unique, hand made Christmas basket. If you have a business, get to working on some Christmas gift baskets for your best clients and customers! They will be sure to remember you after that!

Don't take the fun out of Christmas shopping by going store to store to find those expensive gifts your recipient might not even like anyway. Create your own unique Christmas gift baskets for a fun, easy, affordable, and memorable way to give your Holiday gifts!

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