Tuesday, November 9, 2010

How to Choose Your Special Christmas Gift

By Yahya S.

The process of identifying and acquiring a suitable gift to those we love and value most in our lives can be sometimes challenging, particularly if we leave it until the last minute. Sometimes it can be overwhelming as there are so many Christmas gift ideas to consider or choose from. The likes and/or dislikes of the intended recipients may help narrow down available options, but the personal touch and prior thoughts by the giver will make a real difference. As they say, what comes from the heart, goes to the heart!

The occasions and customs often narrow our choices towards certain type of gifts. We act as impulsively without stopping and thinking about the many factors that come into the equation; the individuality of the recipients (gender, age, social status, relationship to the giver, etc) and the occasions (wedding, birthday, festive season, etc). It is unfortunate that most of us rarely give this process due attention.

It is therefore fundamental to stop and think before rushing to buy what you set your eyes on in the first shop you come across. Ask yourself, is this appropriate for the person and for the occasion? Will the recipient like it? Will he/she use it, benefit from it, or value it? The rule is simple; if it is worth giving, then it is worth the effort. Otherwise, do not bother.

The benefits of personal gifts are enormous, as it brings people closer together; it creates love and affection between individuals and further enhances personal relationships. It can be an opportunity to build bridges of friendship or business relationships. It is a strong message that you are thinking of the other person who means something to you. You should look at it as an investment in your relationship, as opposed to something you are obliged to do.

Once you've decided to give a gift, you need to consider a number of factors; including:

  • Decide on who your recipients are.
  • Define your purpose of giving a gift.
  • Plan ahead to minimize costs - last minute purchases can be inappropriate and costly.
  • Decide what type of gift(s).
  • Be specific with regards to the type of occasions (current and future).
  • Adhere to general and customary gift etiquette.
  • Allocate a sufficient budget.
  • Aim to be unique and thoughtful - your personal touch will make all the difference.

When it comes to Christmas gifts, there exist many choices, thus care must be taken when choosing the most appropriate one. There are many costly options that do not serve the intended purpose with a short-lived impact on the relationship with the recipient. The recipient may for courtesy show some appreciation, but the gift may either be shelved or passed on to someone else.

To appreciate what constitutes a good Christmas gift, you may wish to consider and answer the following questions before you make your gift selection:

  • Will the recipient like it and appreciate it?
  • Does it add value to the life of the recipient?
  • Will the recipient use it or enjoy it often enough?
  • Does it act as a reminder of your good gesture?
  • Does it have a lasting effect?
  • Is it a good value for money?
  • Does it have a wide appeal?

A good tip is to think outside the box. I would particularly recommend a personal goal-oriented success planner which, by and large, ticks all the above questions.

Coincide the different types of likely recipients of your Christmas gift baskets (e.g. immediate family members, social friends, work colleagues, business associates, charity co-workers) and their varied social status and backgrounds (some might be well off whilst others may not be so fortunate); the type of your Christmas gift may have to be different. This unfortunately places a significant challenge to deal with. For example, for those closest to you or where you want to make a good impression, it is more appropriate to give expensive gifts, and maybe less expensive souvenirs to the rest of your friends and associates. In the process you need to recognize the various levels of recipients and match your Christmas gift accordingly.

A Christmas gift for a wife or girlfriend maybe something she has always wanted. For your friends it may be something they need or enjoy, or something you would like to share with them such as a book. For others you may buy useful personal items that the recipients will appreciate. Something that everyone will appreciate and benefit from, such as learning new skills, acquiring new habits and/or realizing personal goals could be the ideal gift.

In view of the above, such a value-adding success planner hits more than one objective at once. It is a prestigious high quality 'personal' planner that helps the recipient to achieve their personal goals and overcome procrastination. It also helps them to stay motivated and inspired daily. This planner is designed to be used on a daily basis and in the process it adds positive value to the life of the recipient in so many ways. It suits a wide range of social groups and relationships, and it can be used as a daily reminder of your gesture and good will.

A value-adding success planner will save you precious time looking for suitable Christmas gifts that suit every taste. With this Christmas gift you are likely to change the recipients' lives for the better by helping them achieve their goals, and it will leave a good long-lasting impression on all concerned.

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Yahya, S. is a PhD holder from Imperial College, London, UK, with more than 20 years international professional experience at an executive level. His main interests are personal development, business management and business and strategic Planning.

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