Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Christmas Gift Wrapping Tips

By Jo Alelsto

Even as a young child I realized that gifts are made more special if its presentation is personalized. A well wrapped present is the result of a person providing not only a Christmas gift but his creativity and energy. One feels beloved and special with the treatment. You'll find times when you think the gift wrapping is a lot more fascinating than the gift.

This Christmas season why don't we make our gifts touch the hearts of our family members through the work we devote to gift wrapping them. A technique used by many is by making use of paper that is handmade. By making use of brown package paper, several multi-colored ribbons, twine as well as items from nature just like shells you can make a simple but elegant Holiday gift wrapper. Wrap the gift in a typical manner. Next, work with colorful ribbons or twine. Lastly, make use of a floral wire to attach decorative accents like holly sprigs.

Yet another technique to make the gift more fascinating is by using differently designed wrappers. You can cover half the gift with one design and the other half using a complementary pattern. Yet another method by which you can use two(2) styles of paper is by covering the gift with just one first. Then cut large pieces from the other gift wrapper and tape it to create a pattern.

Making use of colorful ribbons may also make the gift noticeable. Making big bows are easy, begin by tying a regular ribbon. Secure three additional bows on the knot of the first ribbon, fan the ribbons out to make the bow more fluffy. If simplicity is more to your liking then a single bow on top of the gift is all you need.

A more personal way of wrapping a gift is by stamping the receiver's initials on ordinary paper and that will become its design. The gift will look like someone had it monogrammed. This method will cost you very little because the materials are inexpensive. If you prefer very festive designs then filling the top cover with ribbons so that it resembles a bouquet is a winner. Attach tiny light bulbs just like the ones on christmas lights. Glue the bulbs in the shape of a star. A bow can then be linked to it. You may wrap small gifts in the form of a candy cane. The item ought to fit into a paper towel cylinder. Cover the tube in white colored tissue paper then wrap a red bow all-around it. Finish it off by wrapping the tube in Saran wrap.

Some people make use of a colored cheese cloth or gift bag as a wrapper. This approach is incredibly uncomplicated because you only have to put the Christmas gift baskets inside.

Last but not least if the gift is huge you can gift wrap the instructions or map of how to locate the item. When the gift box is opened a treasure hunt of sorts for the gift will then begin.

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