Monday, November 15, 2010

My Ideal Christmas Gifts

By Georgia Ingles

Christmas gift wish lists have come a long way since my childhood. In those days, you wished for something pretty predictable; maybe a doll and pram for the girls, a scooter or bike for the boys, and an annual of your favourite comic, and almost everything else that arrived was a bonus. Having said that, you had plenty of opportunities to make sure Santa Claus knew what you were after - you either wrote to him and actually put the letter in the postbox, or sent it up the chimney (a bit tricky in these days of central heating), and quite often you got taken to visit him in a department store to tell him in person. No excuse if he didn't get the message! Things had already moved on from the days when (so we're told) you were grateful for the proverbial walnut and orange in your Christmas stocking.

Oddly enough, hand-knitted sweaters with arms round your knees and a neck that you couldn't get your head through never appeared on anyone's wish list, nor did the socks, slippers and underwear, but that didn't stop them making an appearance somewhere along the line, and you did your best to look grateful. Sweets and toys were always far more exciting.

Nowadays, the wish lists seem to go on forever - there's still the doll and pram or the bike, but there's also the football strip, the disco outfit, mobile phone, computer games and all the other electronic gadgetry that's apparently vital to survival. The cost of the gifts spirals and the pile of parcels on Christmas morning seems to get larger every year. You can probably even text Santa, to save the effort of writing!

As for my own Christmas gift baskets wish list, I've given it a bit of thought and realised that saying I'd really like a Ferrari or a Caribbean cruise (well, it is a wish list after all!) is actually a bit corny, and probably not that close to the truth. In fact, nearly all the best presents I've had have been ones that I didn't ask for, or even possibly know that I wanted. They just 'hit the spot' because someone had gone to the trouble to really think about what I'd like. Anyway it's all a bit contrived to be saying up front exactly what you'd like to get, and it spoils the surprise. So my wish list only has one wish, and that is to spend Christmas with people who care enough about me to give a bit of thought to what I'd really like, - and whatever it is I'm sure I'll love it.

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