Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Hottest Christmas Gifts Ideas For Kids

By Alon Farnendo

Christmas is around the corner and we have been making frequent rounds of the markets, both online and offline in order to compile a list of some of the hottest things you can use as Christmas Gifts for little ones and between-agers.

Here's what we came up with:

Nintendo Wii

This is one of the most popular Nintendo gaming consoles and is no thicker than a few DVD cases put together. The case comes complete with an AV cable, a Wi-fi remote, a charging chord, a sensor, a normal game controller as well as a gun game controller for an utterly realistic gaming experience. From ages 6 to 60, the Nintendo Wii has a little something to offer to everyone. This is a perfect Christmas gift basket for the teenager in your family.

Digital SLR Camera

The Digital SLR technology is now available to all at throwaway prices. Are any of your family members or friends interested in photography? If yes then this year, gift them a cool Digital SLR with an LCD screen and an external lens of their choice. Take a look at some of the cameras from the shops of Canon, Nikon, Pentax as well as Olympus and we are sure you'll be able to find something appropriate for them.

Wide Screen Multimedia Player

First there was the iPod and then there was the Creative Zen. Since the past 5 years, almost all companies manufacturing mobile electronic goods have come up with their own versions of the iPod Touch. Now, we do not want to make any comparisons here! It's upto you to make them. This Christmas, get your teenager the advantage of a cool multimedia player.

Intelligent Toys

The Chinese and the Japanese have flooded the markets with some of these but the one that stood apart was a little dinosaur. This toy moves like the real one, is capable of exploring its environment and can interact with everyone in your family based on its own life experiences. This dinosaur is robotics at its best! It will make for a perfect friend and a great Christmas gift for your 5 year old.

Play Station

Christmas gifts can't get any trendier. A Play Station is a dream every 10 year old wishes would come true. There are a number of them available in stores today and at really low prices. Shop for them online and you may get some hefty discounts on them as well.

For the Music Lover

What does your kid play? This Christmas, make his wishes come true! Get him a brand new musical instrument of his choice. You can also get him enrolled at an online music school. Some of the greatest Christmas gifts don't have to cost you an earth!

We hope you liked our ideas. Have a great Christmas this year!

For any help on Kris kringle, check out the info available online; these will help you learn to find the Christmas gifts!

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  1. another good idea is about the flower, it gives the good feeling via visual, smell, civilized manners etcs. not just the boy friend or girl friend, parents, teacher, festival, ancestors, event and even ceremony are one of the best decors too.