Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Creating a Wine Tasting Christmas Party

2 Bottles Of Red Wine With Floral Arrangement

By Marie Coles

Christmas, the coldest time of year, is not that far off. It is probably for you and most other businesses about time to think about the yearly Christmas gift baskets party. After the success of last year's, you want to create a party that is as just as special, however, you do still want it to be different from last year to give your colleagues something fun and special to look forward to, which is not formulaic.

Let your colleagues enjoy a night of tasting the wonders of the world by hosting a wine tasting party this Christmas. You can include wines from all over the world, from France to Chile. They can be red, white rose or sparkling - it is totally up to you!

Wine tasting parties are versatile as they can be hosted anywhere and for any number of guests. They also don't have to be the main event as you can include a theme surrounding a wine, for instance, you could have Spanish themed party, which included the wine and food of Spain.

However, if you are going to have a wine tasting party, do choose a good selection. There's no need to go all out and buy the oldest vintage wine there is, but do avoid buying cheap vinegar like wine. If you are not a major wine drinker or know very little, apart from one is red, one is pink and the other is white, it may be worth having a small tasting session of a few wines or reading up on recommendations. Reading the label too will give somewhat of an indication of the wine's taste.

Once you have decided upon the wines, you can choose you food. Your Christmas wine selection will after all influence what food you will purchase. Look at exactly what the label recommends food wise and base your meal upon these. Popular recommendations with wine are dark meats, cheeses, creamy sauces and seafood. You can incorporate these into the menu, whether you are having a sit down meal or buffet.

Lastly, you may want to think about desert wines to go with a scrumptious desert. Only a small amount of desert wine is needed as they are often very sweet - and even the sweetest toothed individual may begin to feel queasy if they drank too much. Desert wines can also be served with biscotti to dip in, which makes a lovely after dinner treat.

Think hard and carefully about the wines you choose and create your party based on the delicious wines of the world.

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