Monday, November 15, 2010

Christmas Gifts For 8 Year Old Boys

By Olivia Campbell-Price

Are you looking for some Christmas present ideas, specifically christmas gifts for 8 year old boys? With Christmas fast approaching it can be difficult to get the right present or toy when you are a bit out of touch with the latest toys for younger children. Here are a few suggestions to get you going.

Eight year old boys tend to like play sets, remote controlled things and even active or outdoor toys. They may even have an interest in building stuff. This sets up a huge range of toys to choose from. This article will give you a few suggestions in each area.

In terms of play sets, these are make believe worlds that kids can control. The make believe world might be a replica or simulation of the real world as in the Hypercity Mega Station. This is a replica of a transport network in a city much like a real world city. The transport network includes a train system with tracks and a road network that kids can pretend to drive cars around on.

A more imaginative play set might be the Toy Story Tri-County Landfill set. This is a replica of the landfill site that featured in the third Toy Story movie. The set includes all the Toy Story characters and a working landfill site model. Kids can re-enact the scene from the movie or take the story in a direction all of their own.

Remote control toys fascinate young boys and young girls too. However this article is more focused on 8 year old boys so here are some RC toys that the little lad might like.

In keeping with the Toy Story theme, the remote controlled Buzz Lightyear toy might be popular with eight year olds. The RC controller can make the toy figure move his arms and legs and go in different directions. The toy makes noises and sound bites from the movie - infinity and beyond and catchphrases like that. If a kid is mad on Toy Story then he will like this toy.

Another remote controlled toy that could be popular is the Bigfoot the monster toy. This is a remote controlled Bigfoot and he has grumpy personality traits that you might expect a Bigfoot monster to have. You can also push him over and he will automatically jump back on his feet. His antics will have everyone in the family chuckling.

Outdoor toys could be things like a NERF gun. A NERF gun or blaster fires soft darts that don't really hurt when you get hit but shoot through the air at a good speed and have decent range. They are perfect for 8 year old boys to have pretend battles with their friends. The latest Nerf blaster is called the Stampede. This is the first automatic small Nerf gun and will be popular with boys.

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