Thursday, November 25, 2010

Tips For Buying Christmas Gifts For Kids Ages 3-7

By Rodney Grubbs

The countdown to Christmas is on. Stores are already advertising how many days left to shop never mind the fact that we have not yet celebrated Halloween or Thanksgiving (which is one of my favorite holidays.) If you ask this age group for a list especially by using an ad or browsing through the store, the child will most likely pick out anything and everything he or she sees. A really funny thing would be to ask the three year a few days later what he or she wanted to see if they remember any of it.

I would suggest that you take a minute to think about what the child really enjoys and how he/she already plays. Then expand your gift list from there.

Here are a few tips when considering your gift giving.

Tip #1: Good old fashion creative playtime

Kids love to be kids, which means playing, jumping, and imagining. Creative play is very important for childhood development and joy. Whether your living room suddenly turns into a swamp full of alligators or pirates ambush your house. Kids love to play. So purchasing toys that will encourage this creative play is key. 5 items to encourage creative play include

1. A kitchen set
2. Playtents/Playhuts come in different sizes and shapes. And really who says a fire engine cannot suddenly become a spaceship.
3. Playdoh - put a tablecloth on the table to help with cleanup
4. Tea set
5. Easel for all those brilliant masterpieces

Tip #2: Kids love your attention.

Buy a few gifts that require your help to play. Kids love adult attention and interaction. As this age group is so crucial for childhood development, it is great to create opportunities for you to be with the child.

1. Board games
2. Wild Planet Hyper Dash - interactive game
3. Train set
4. Books of topic the kids enjoy

Tip #3: Buy age appropriate electronics.

In the techie age we live in the kids want their own electronic very early in life. Not only is purchasing the real deal a bit costly, the kids do not really have the ability to take care of such items. I am sure companies are making tons of money over first and second grade kids losing their mp3 or iPod chargers, etc. So stick with items that are made to last for kids.

1. Vtech - Vsmile learning system
2. Fischer price digital cameras

Tip #4: Enter the Current Media Frenzy for Big Smiles on Christmas Morning

Cartoons and movies are very influential on our little ones. Just pay attention in the mall at the number of kids begging to enter the Disney store as the parents attempt to just walk by. Buy a gift or two of the latest craze will bring a huge smile to the face of your child. Popular with kids right now...

1. Kung Fu Panda
2. Transformers
3. Hannah Montana
4. Barbie
5. Wall-e

You will see Christmas Gifts from the Speed Racer movie on clearance right now. In my opinion, there is a reason those items are on clearance. Unless the child specifically asks for items from this movie I would not recommend purchasing them.

I hope this guide helps you in your christmas present ideas purchasing. Concentrate on buying a variety of items to help your child stay well rounded in his/her development.

Have a wonderful Christmas!

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