Friday, October 8, 2010

Business Christmas Gifts - 10 Killer Business Gift Ideas to Consider This Year!

Business Christmas gifts are important to keep your employees happy during the festive season. A good idea is to really think about each individual and what they personally like. Here you have a comprehensive list of great business Christmas gift ideas.

A winner every time is the mini table tennis set. It will enliven the mood at the office and make the working hours a lot easier to go through as members of the staff play a game between meetings.

If the person you are giving the business Christmas gift to is a bit on the "techie side", USB Flash Drives or emergency cell phone chargers are an attractive and inexpensive option.

A led cap with the company name or logo is always a huge success. If personalizing the cap goes over your budget, just an ordinary led cap will also be a winner.

Magical coffee cups are a great gimmick for the long office hours. After pouring hot water in them, the cup exterior color fades and the company logo appears.

People love having pictures of their loved ones on their desks at work. Digital photo frames and digital photo key rings are both great business Christmas hampers gifts; just check online for the best prices and offers.

A bottle of Spanish cava is a lot cheaper than champagne and full of flavor and spark. Some experts claim it is as good as any decent bottle of champagne. It will definitely bring a big smile at the office... especially after a few glasses!

Look for different types of board games. There are really good ones out there for very affordable prices. Board games are also very popular around Christmas time.

Ladies always welcome purses or handbags. You could add a matching scarf, a nice flower bouquet or a box of chocolates.

On a tight budget this year? Check these out: coffee beans, special jams or marmalade, small food hampers, wine or cider, chocolate, mouse pads, key rings, ties, inexpensive office shredders, gift vouchers, disposable cameras, deli cheese, flower seeds, local produce and, of course, any type of Christmas ornaments.

By giving nice or personalized business Christmas gifts online to your employers and employees you are also putting a smile on their faces. Also, do not forget to send your business Christmas cards too.

If everything fails because you really must save money this year, you can always send a cell phone text message wishing everyone a happy holiday!


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