Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Top Selling Gifts For Adults and Kids This Year

When it comes to Christmas gift ideas for 2009, there are always the classic present choices. But when it comes to getting them what they really want, you need to look at what's hot this year! If you've left the Christmas shopping to the last minute and don't know what to get then use this list as an emergency guide.

Christmas Gift Ideas for Kids 2009

If you live in the UK and you have kids to please this Christmas, then the chances are they're going to be asking for something from the 'dream dozen' top toys list.

This is an official list released each year detailing the toys that are expected to do the best that year - and if your child sees one of them in their stocking on Christmas morning, you can guarantee you'll see a smile on their face!

So what are the top toys?

  1. Bakugan Battle Pack
  2. Battle Strikers Starter Set
  3. Ben 10 Alien Force Kevin's DX Action Cruiser
  4. Bendaroos Mega Pack
  5. GO GO Pets Hamsters
  6. GX Racers Tightrope
  7. Kidizoom Multimedia Digital Camera
  8. Lego Games Minotaurus
  9. Monopoly City
  10. Princess Peppa's Palace
  11. Sylvanian Families Caravan
  12. Transformers Movie 2 Voyagers Figures
You better act fast, as many of these toys will sell out this Christmas. But if you've left it to the last minute, getting your hands on just one of these hot toys is guaranteed to make your child happy on Christmas day!

Top Christmas Gift Ideas for Adults in the UK

Unfortunately it isn't as simple for finding the best Christmas present ideas for adults in the UK, but there are still items that are guaranteed to be hot this year.

Among them is the new craze in digital eBook readers. These are gadgets that can allow you to transport your entire book library in the convenience of one small device. You'll find that Sony devices are the top sellers this year, so get your hands on one if you have a book lover (or a gadget lover) to buy for!

Otherwise, options like jewellery, unique days out, vouchers and more are all classics to help you solve that last minute gift dilemma. Good luck finding the perfect Christmas present!

To find the best prices and suppliers of the top Christmas toys in the UK this year, visit Christmas Ideas Hub to compare and view prices. And, if you know someone who loves to read, why not compare the best eBook readers at eBook Reader Guide? But hurry - stocks are selling out fast!


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