Friday, October 22, 2010

Best Christmas Gifts For Co Workers

What is the best type of Christmas gift to give your co-workers?

This Christmas we are having a gift exchange at our office. It is something we have done for the past seven years. Most of us have more than we need already and so the Christmas gift ideas is not the important part, it is more the thought. Every year I struggle with what type of Christmas gift I can give.

There are ten of us in the exchange and we all have different interests and so finding one type of gift that fits everyone is always difficult. This year after much thought, I came up with an idea of doing something personalized. I think it is a gift that everyone would like and also it would have some sentimental value. Here are some tips to finding the perfect personalized Christmas present ideas:

I found that by spending a few hours on my computer, I could find several sites that allowed me to order a large variety of personalized things. I could have a picture from our Christmas party put on a mouse pad or order a mug with shots from our summer picnic. It was very inexpensive and there were several places to order from. I found cute bath towels with initials monogrammed on them. The list of things available was endless and the best part was that I could do it all from home. No trips to the mall.

The important part was that this year I was giving something that was special because it was personalized. Memories are important to all of us and at Christmas it is always fun to reflect on some of the things that we did the past year.

Remember that a personalized Christmas gift doesn't have to cost a lot but it means a lot.

After it was all said and done, I was really happy with the results and I think my co workers were pleased to. When I sat down and looked at the overall cost, I think I came in under budget. So if you have a gift exchange at work this year and you want to give a gift that is meaningful try the internet and having something personalized. Don't be afraid of the cost, because I think you will be pleasantly surprised.

Think outside of the box. Make your Christmas ideas personalized and your gifts will be the hit of the party.

Pammy Brown is a contributing author for Planet Gift Baskets, an industry leader in gift baskets and Christmas Gifts. For more gift giving ideas, visit our Gift Giving Resource Guide.

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