Friday, October 1, 2010

It isn't that Easy to Choose a Florist Training Course

The art of creating beautiful flowers is called floristry. The numbers of tasks that florists perform are pretty big because he or she creates bouquets and displays using all kinds of materials like flowers, herbs, foliages, and even ornamental grasses. Most people think that florists grown flowers but that isn't true.

The main task of a florist is to make beautiful compositions and for him or her flowers are the only materials to work with. He or she works in shops or stores that sell flowers but this situation is changing fast due to the development of online flower shops.

Flowers that are arranged in the European style don't have such strict limitations therefore you can create almost any possible compositions. And, by using different instruments, you can get wonderful results.

There are different styles of floristry but the most well known is the oriental style. A well known example of this example is ikebana. This is probably the oldest art of arranging dry and cut flowers. The popularity of ikebana is very high. But, ikebana has its limitations and this art is closely related to a traditional philosophy. All this means is that there is certain ikebana rules that you need to follow and that means that it doesn't allow you to express all of your artistic ability.

But, in fact there are not so many places where you can learn floral design. Of course there are different floral schools that offer special florist training programs but in most cases these florist trainings courses only give you basic knowledge. And, for deeper florist training, you will have to look for advanced schools. One of the examples of the wonderful florist schools is The American institute of floral designers. It offers educational programs in floral design so that you can master this wonderful art. And, it doesn't matter if you are a beginner in this field or have any experience in floristry.

The American Institute of Floral Designers offers many different floral training programs so you can choose the one the suits you best. The institute also has different contests and competitions, for instance, there is the AIFD awards. On their website on the internet you will find the latest news on floral design. Therefore, if you are interested in a florist training program or wish to learn more about The American Institute of Floral Designers just visit the web page.

But, floral design can not only be a profession but also a hobby. Of course, you can have some florist training courses to learn the basics but there are so many articles, web sites, and magazines that are dedicated to floristry so you can learn everything yourself. With such an interesting hobby, you will be able to realize your artistic potential.

And, through the internet, you can talk to other people who love flowers and flower arranging and you can talk to professional florists too. During such a discussion in the web forum, you can learn much more than at special training courses sometimes. And, with such a hobby you will never have a problem arranging bouquets for different occasions.


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