Thursday, October 7, 2010

Corporate Gifts - Are You Making These Mistakes When You Give Corporate Gifts?

Does your business give gifts to other businesses and individuals? Giving gifts may seem easy especially during December when it seems everyone is handing one another gifts and Christmas cards. However, many businesses waste money and opportunities by haphazardly giving out gifts without a clear delineated purpose.

Christmas Corporate gifts giving should be designed to benefit the company at least in the message that is conveyed. Unfortunately, many times gifts are bought quickly and randomly because competitors are seen doing it. A strategic gift giving plan will convey appreciation and solidify relationships.

The following mistakes are commonly made when giving business gifts.

First, many people give the wrong christmas gift. For example, cheap pens and trinkets do not have enough life span. Give something that they will use and think positive and appreciative thoughts of you and your company. If you give pens, choose a nice heavy duty one that people tend to keep track of instead of loosing before the day is over.

Second, some people give gifts to the wrong recipient. If your main contact is a middle manager, your interests may be better served to give a gift to an administrative assistant in addition to the manager. That's because that manager may not be in that position very long before they move somewhere else within the organization. However, the administrative assistant may have their position for a longer time span. Therefore, your gift may have a more long lasting affect on your relationship with your customer.

Third, the wrong occasion is a typical mistake. The Christmas season is crowded with expressions of appreciation. Let your competitors get drowned by the mail volume at Christmas.

You would not choose to advertise in a crowded medium because your message would not get through. For the same reason you should give your gift of appreciation at a time other than the typical Christmas season.

Consider showing thanks at Thanksgiving. Or if you are going to give gifts to administrative assistants, plan to give your gifts during administrative assistants' day/week. Your expression of appreciation will have a greater impact because it will not be drowned out by a tidal wave of

The fourth mistake that people make is they display the wrong attitude when they give their gifts. You want to express thanks for who the recipient is and how they have been helpful to you. You never want to show an expectation of anything in return. The right expression of gratitude
will build the relationship because of its sincerity.

The last mistake is utilizing the wrong giver. Usually you will make more of an impact if your gift is from one individual or a group of individuals. Have each person sign a card for the recipient. A card creates a personal touch that evokes an emotional response. Everyone understands that a company is an impersonal entity. People build relationships with the individuals within a company.

If you are in sales and your accounts are local, it may make an impact if you personally delivered the gift. This act is an opportunity to spend a few moments in a relaxed, less formal setting that you may not have previously enjoyed.

Giving corporate gifts is an opportunity for you to strengthen relationships with individuals in another company. Your gifts can have a greater impact both on the receiver and for your own company if you strategically plan your gift giving activities. Following these corporate gift
giving guidelines can have an impact on your company's bottom line.


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