Monday, October 11, 2010

Christmas Gift Ideas For Newborn Babies to 6 Month Olds

So you are looking for Christmas gifts for a new baby. What should you get?

From the time of birth until the age of 3 months, baby’s vision is not fully developed. He or she sees blurry images images. Black and white is seen more clearly than colors so for newborns, black and white toys or bedding in black and white prints would capture the baby’s attention most.

As the child gets older, colors are preferred. Older babies and kids would prefer colors. Bright colors catch their attention while pastels soothe them.

So what should you get for a baby from birth to 6 months old?

A newborn would probably be too small for clothes meant for ages 0-3 months old. For babies 6 months and below, ease the parent’s burden by getting necessities. So, Christmas hampers filled with clothes are not one of the best choice for them.

I honestly wanted to get diapers and baby wipes for my sister’s newborn baby. That was the most practical thing I could find, but honestly, it is like giving someone toilet paper for Christmas. The joy of receiving such gifts just isn’t there.

A new dress wouldn’t fit baby yet. Maybe at 6 months old, dresses would fit. If you choose to give baby clothes, make them cotton since at that age, babies primary concern would be comfort. Put baby in a pretty lacy dress that scratches and she’d cry or get very fretful because of discomfort.

Some better choices you can also look for Christmas Gifts online. More for both parents and baby include:

1. Baby bath products. Get them in a gift set or get baby shampoo, baby soap or bath, baby oil and baby powder and put them in a pretty basket. You could line the basket with a baby towel or baby clothes, then put the bath products on top of it. Finish off by wrapping it in cling wrap and tying a ribbon for that pretty effect.

2. Baby toys meant for newborns to 6 months old. Be careful where these come from. Babies put things in their mouths. The last thing you might want is to have them put something covered with paint that contains lead or other toxic materials into their mouths.

3. Photo albums or photo frames. Photos store memories of baby’s early years. Or better yet, get parents a new camera.

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