Friday, October 29, 2010

Top Perfect Christmas Gifts For Mum and Dad

By Arline James-Thomas

Christmas is always a difficult time of year when deciding on the perfect gift for your loved ones. With the recent credit crunch you want to be sure that you are giving an absolutely worthwhile Christmas gift that would be appreciated, remembered, enjoyed and most of all be of some benefit for your mum and dad.

Ask yourself the following questions: What do my mum and dad need? Is there anything they need for the house? What are their hobbies? Do they need to get out more? Will I be getting them a gift as a couple or separate gifts?

If you are buying them separate gifts, then here are some options:

Christmas Gifts for Mum
1. Jewellery Gift Sets including brooches
2. Handbags
3. Wool wrap to ensure she stays warm this winter
4. Luxurious Skincare Range
5. Aroma Spa Collection - including Relaxation Bath Salts, Shower Gel and Massage Lotion
6. Yoga or Pilates class membership

Christmas Gifts for Dad
1. Golf Club membership and /or Golf equipment if he is an enthusiast
2. Satellite Navigation System
3. Specialist Magazine subscription depending on hobby
4.Football tickets for his favorite club or cable subscription including popular sports channels

For a joint Christmas Gift with both of them in mind, here are my 5 top Christmas gift baskets for Mum and Dad

1. A pet
If your parents no longer have children to care for perhaps they may welcome a pet for companionship. A dog will also give them a reason to get out and have a daily walk if they are retired. An ideal Christmas Gift for a widowed parent as well.

2. Tickets to a London Musical
Choose a musical that would appeal to their age group and which they would appreciate seeing. If your parents live far away from London then include hotel accommodation for the night.

3. Computer
A computer is a brilliant option to get your parents internet savvy. Remember to include the necessary training either a computer course or perhaps you can teach them yourself. The computer can be a useful item for your parents to do searches and have internet access. This is especially useful if you live far away as it is a great way to instantaneously send pictures to your parents on special occasions like the birth of a new grandchild, the first day of school, birthday celebrations etc. What a joy it is for a grandparent to see their new grandchild minutes after they are born if they are unable to be there in person. This is a great Christmas gift idea as it is something they can learn and do together.

4. A Cruise or Winter Vacation
This is an expensive option but nothing is too good for your parents. If you have siblings get them to contribute. They will love you for it and cherish the memories for years to come....priceless.

5. Money
May sound unimaginative but very practical as your parents will be able to buy what they wish or need for Christmas. They have invested a lot of money in you so now it is time to give a little back.

Happy Christmas shopping! With just a little thought you can find that perfect Christmas Gift.

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