Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The Importance Of Christmas Corporate Gifts

By: Sabina Kucz

We're heading to close for 2010, what a year this has been indeed.
The labour party lost the trust of many of their leading regions, why would this Christmas gift be? Everybody seems to have an opinion on this topic but the main words I keep hearing over and over is that Gordon Brown was solely responsible for the sunny economic climate taking a nose dive and heading due north! One man can do this? It does seem rather unjust to place such a huge amount of blame on one man's shoulders, surely he cannot be held responsible for the world's economic problems?

If those who wish to cast the first stone actually took a step back and looked at the world in general they would actually notice a pattern forming. It's not just the UK that seems to be caught up in dire straits here. It actually the whole world that is embroiled in this mess. So why blame Gordon Brown? Would this be the easiest solution? Again with the word blame the word "claim" comes into play, I've noticed many an advertisement doing it's rounds regarding being mis-sold insurance on loans etc. This really is a dog eat dog world, the survival of the fittest! Put simply when there is cause for blame many people would always look out and are ever so ready to point the finger, why not grab a mirror and take a long hard look.

Although controversial the answer is simple. Greed, our greed is solely responsible for this catastrophic situation, always striving for more, never happy with what we have. Our health, our families, our happiness all these seem to hold no more weight as it once did. Having more and being able to display what we have to the Jones' appears to be the new way of living.
As it was in the last recession, many business whom had built their foundations based on people's greed are now struggling, companies who were once able to quite literally throw money your way are now scratching the ground to find a penny. It's the businesses that have worked through their way honestly that require our help, we need to support local businesses and show our support. People are becoming scared about who to place their trust with, shop today and loose tomorrow?

Holiday companies going into administration overnight leaving holiday makers stranded and seriously out of pocket with the real threat of danger from local occupants wanting money from them. Surely it makes sense to look after your customer. Now that the year is coming to close many customers and clients of varying businesses will be eagerly awaiting their gifts presented to them by companies that cherish their custom. This will be struggle for many as allocating a budget for Christmas corporate gifts is not something that may have been included in their financial agenda, however, quite a crucial one I would have thought, this is not just a general gift, this is a message to customers and clients to show them that you are still going strong, a company that can be trusted so a pencil or note pads won't suffice this time round. Choose wisely, it's time to show your customers and clients that you are still going strong.

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