Sunday, October 10, 2010

Thoughtful Christmas Gift Ideas For Mom

Tired of buying scarves or gloves for your mom? How do you choose christmas gift ideas for someone as special as your mom? With Christmas around the corner, here are nine affordable, yet thoughtful christmas present ideas for your mom. These were written with Christmas in mind but they can be adapted to suit any gift giving occasion.

First, think about her personality. What helps her relax and unwind? What does she do for fun? Is she an artistic person? Does she usually prefer to stay in and read a book or go out on a hike? What have been your best moments together? Once you've jotted down a few things, consider the below christmas ideas.

Photobook: These can be handmade in scrapbook style or you can order one from one of the photo printing sites like These can be fairly inexpensive. Include photos of you together if you have them! Write some stories in them if you can.

Relaxation Kit: Make her a relaxation kit of items from local shops around your childhood home such as soaps, bubble bath, bath beads, and lotions.

Music: Burn a CD with songs that bring back memories. Maybe songs that were played around your house as a child, favorite Christmas hymns, or even a special song for each year you want her to remember.

Cookies or Pie: If you like to cook, bake her some cookies or a pie. It's easy to buy one but making it makes it special.

Card: This is a good idea if you've recently moved away from home. Make a card telling her about all your fond Christmases or other memories growing up, or even write her a poem, rhyming or not, about how much you care about her.

Christmas Memories: Find photographs from all your Christmases together and make a collection, putting it into a scrapbook, photo book, or collage in a frame or shadowbox.

Class: Sign her up for a class on something she'd like to do. A sport? Cook a certain cuisine? A dance class? There are so many evening or weekend classes at local community colleges for less than $100.

Time: Sometimes, just spending time with your mom is good enough - especially if you don't see her often. Surprise her and go home.

Plant: A plant is another thoughtful gift that will last a while - longer than flowers or chocolates and longer than most other generic gifts. You can buy a nice orchid for less than $20.

Some of the ideas above are simple enough for anyone to do while some may take more time and work - but these are all affordable and thoughtful. If none of the above work, you can always fall back upon traditional options like flowers, jewelry, fashion accessories or maybe a book. But she's your mom - she's going to love anything you give her. Try and make it as special as you can.


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