Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Gift Ideas For Christmas Stocking Fillers

By: Tim E Wright

Christmas stockings have long been part of of Christmas but we've moved on from the days of apples, oranges and lumps of coal. These days we look for far more thrilling Christmas gifts to stuff into our stockings, but racking our brains for ever innovative stocking fillers takes up valuable time that could be put to better use adorning the tree and eating mince pies!

If you're suffering from stocking filler brain block check out a few of the unusual Christmas stocking gift ideas I've dug up below - all are under 15.

Personalised Stocking Fillers

People love personalised gifts. It's one thing to pick a gift up and give it a shake to try and guess what it is. Maybe you'll tear a corner off before ripping the paper to reveal the surprise. It's quite another, and a big surprise, to open your gift and see your name or a message only for you!

Stocking Fillers for Kids

Kids love attention, and what could possibly be better than being the leading man or leading lady in some fantastic stories? Your little one can star in a Christmas adventure story, visiting the North Pole to help Father Christmas sort and deliver all of the gifts in time for Christmas.

Stocking Fillers for Men

Men can be an awkward bunch when you are considering buying presents at Christmas. We either don't know what Christmas gifts online we'd like, or we are wanting the newest 3D HD TV! Simple things can still impress, particularly when it comes to stocking filler presents. If the re-runs of Top Gear on Dave are any measure, men just can't get enough of it. But there's one thing that bugs me - who is The Stig?! A personalised Stig poster could well uncover the truth, exposing a friend as the real Stig from Top Gear.

Stocking Fillers for Her

Men often have almost as bad a track record at purchasing Christmas gifts for their wife or girlfriend as they do at suggesting Christmas hampers for themselves! Purchasing some thoughtful stocking gifts for the significant woman in your life is a terrific way to score brownie points - there's only so many earrings a girl can have! For a light hearted stocking filler, have them feature on spoof magazine cover with their name and photo. From fashion to food, from sports to weddings, a spoof magazine will certainly raise some laughs on Christmas day! For something a bit more romantic, consider a personalised bottle of Christmas red wine - who knows it might even get shared!

So there you have it, stocking fillers needn't fill you with dread! Fill your boots with these great stocking filler gift ideas.

About the Author:
Tim Wright works at GoneDigging, a personalised gift company, and knows a thing or two about finding great Christmas stocking fillers offer something for everyone at an affordable price.

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