Monday, June 21, 2010


The Anthurium (Anthurium, Scott 1829) is a plant with decorative foliage of the Araceae family native to equatorial and sub-equatorial, the genus includes several Anthurium species to be cultivated only in hothouse, some valued as ornamental plants for flowers very ornamental as the 'Anthurium andraeanum el' scherzeranum Anthurium flowers (often used as cut flowers) formed by a large spathe lacquer-red, salmon, white or pink, a thin spadix erect the originators of the flowers. The leaves are large heart-shaped or lanceolate, flowering lasts from June to September.

Other species of the genus are cultivated for their decorative foliage of large dimensions. The generic name comes from greek Anthos, "flower", and Oura, "tail", referring to the characteristic elongated spadix inflorescence.


The anthurium requires warm, humid environments and indirect but bright light, moist soil and light, liquid fertilizer monthly during the summer, frequent watering and misting, the winter watering should be thinned. Clean the leaves with a damp cloth and not use leaf polishes.

Every two years in the spring will be made using soil Repotting a common light setting on the bottom of the jar or expanded clay pebbles for drainage water.


The air currents and temperature changes cause the yellowing of leaves, excessive standing water can promote fungal infections, pay attention to infestations of aphids and powdery Scale.


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