Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Escobaria is a plant genus of cacti (Cactaceae). The botanical name of the Mexican brothers Romulo Escobar Zerman honors (1882-1946), and Numa Pompilio Escobar Zerman (1874-1949).


The species of the genus Escobaria are low growing, single or polsterbildene plants with depressed-spherical to cylindrical stems. You do not have any honey glands and ribs.

The warts of old plants are often corky. The elongated areolae extend from the nipple tip to the middle. The usually short, fine spines are erect and wrap the plant a dense.

The flowers open often incomplete. The corolla tube is short and bald. The perianth is fringed on the edges.

The usually bare and red, sometimes green or pink fruits are spherical or oblong. They include wide-oval to circular, brown or blackish brown, dotted seeds from 1.0 to 1.7 millimeters in diameter.


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