Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Quaking grass

Quaking grass (Briza) is one from Europe to Central Asia and Central and South American genus of the family of grasses (Poaceae).


There are annual and perennial grasses. They usually form clumps of different sizes and dry off after flowering. The leaf blades are linear to broadly linear.

The flowers are in panicles. Characteristic are the oval to round, often at the base heart-shaped in cross section laterally flattened to rounded spikelets. They consist of several to many flowers.

Since they are relatively thin stems, they are frequently down and tremble at the slightest wind movement. This has brought the genre its name. In many species the inflorescences are so decorative that they are cultivated as ornamental plants.

The Hull and lemmas are more or less from horizontal. The three-bisf├╝nfnervigen and wide edged glumes are much shorter than the spikelets and narrow oval to roundish.

The round to oval, usually the front and rounded at the base often cordate lemmas overlap closely. They are five to elfnervig and usually clearly hollow, often keeled and easily.

The palea are slightly smaller than the Deckspelten and lanceolate to rounded. Your winged keel is easy.

Source: http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Zittergr%C3%A4ser

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