Thursday, June 17, 2010


The family Asclepiadaceae is a plant belonging to 'order Gentianales, with succulent species. The APG classification includes species of this family in the Apocynaceae subfamily Asclepiadoideae.The family name comes from the subfamily and genus Asclepias.


This family includes perennial herbs, shrubs, vines, lianas and trees with succulent leaves. Belong to this family some species very strange that sometimes assume monstrous forms and abnormal.

Other species have tubular shape and are uneducated because of their rare and unobtrusive production of flowers, others are climbing but suitable only for growth in the greenhouse, there are also cylindrical stems and small flowers.

Stapeliae species of the tribe, especially those kinds of Huernia, Stapelia, Hoodia and Caralluma, and succulent stems possess a developed and complex pollination mechanism similar to that of the Orchidaceae. The smell of flowers is often associated with the smell of a corpse, has the function of which will then attract flies to pollinate the flowers.

Distribution and habitats

It includes about 348 genera and 2900 species distributed in tropical and subtropical zone, mainly in Africa and South America.


This type of plant is very rare to find on the market and is grown only in greenhouses as well in winter requires a certain kind of warmth and plenty of brightness.


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