Wednesday, June 16, 2010

sunflower oil

The sunflower oil is very valuable for human consumption, but should not be because of the high content of polyunsaturated fatty acids used as cooking oil (with the exception of the high-oleic variants). When used for agriculture is the sunflower oil content of the fruit of 48-52%. Sunflower oil, pressed from the seeds is used for cooking. Unrefined oil, as is more common in Eastern European countries has, in contrast to refined oil, a strong flavor and is therefore particularly suitable as a flavor carrier for the preparation of cooked dishes and salads. Refined oil can be used in lubricating oil, fuels and plasticizers. The press residues or the defatted flour can be used as cattle feed.

Besides the use as edible oil sunflower oil is also used in pharmacy and medicine and for industrial uses. In pharmacy, the oil is a filling material in soft gelatin capsules, it is next used for ointments and creams and olive oil or peanut oil can be replaced in medical devices. Traditional sunflower oil is used for constipation and externally to treat wounds and rheumatism.

Industrial sunflower oil for paints and coatings used, also it is contained in oil paints and artist. Also in the leather processing and in textile manufacturing (preservative), it is used. As a biofuel, pure plant oil sunflower oil are used as fuel, in contrast to rapeseed oil fuel, the fuel quality, however, little research, and removing the reduction of excise duty. is common, however, the production of biodiesel from sunflower oil: About 10% of biodiesel produced in Europe in 2007 consisting of sunflower oil (sunflower oil methyl ester, SME).


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