Monday, June 21, 2010

The Used in horticulture of Nepeta

The Nepeta is mostly used in dry, sunny plantations. Its simplicity and low maintenance make for difficult locations such slopes, green roofs, traffic islands, or summarized any dry areas where intensive care is hardly possible suitable. There are also varieties for sites that initially seem unusual in the Nepeta. Fresh to moist borders, beds and wood lichtschattige borders are possible with proper choice of species for the catnip. suitable for these areas, for example, govaniana Nepeta, Nepeta grandiflora Nepeta manschuriensis, Nepeta sibirica, Nepeta subsessilis.

The catnip is a very low maintenance, undemanding perennial, despite everything she has a long flowering period. It can also be planted in dry places in the garden, without a higher administrative effort is required. Regular watering is not necessary because the Nepeta is also well adapted to prolonged drought. The Nepeta grows well on nutrient-poor soils.

The traditional uses are Beeteinfassungen and in rock gardens. But there are higher forms, which are used in the rear off the field. Even a Trogbepflanzung is possible with Nepeta. An important role it plays in the use of natural gardens.

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