Monday, June 14, 2010

Euterpe precatoria

Euterpe precatoria is a tall, slender-stemmed, pinnate-leaved palm native to Central and South America and Trinidad and Tobago.

The stems are usually solitary (occasionally clustered), 3–20 metres tall and 4–23 centimetres in diameter.

Two varieties are recognised: E. precatoria var. precatoria which has tall, solitary stems and is found in Trinidad and throughout most of the South American portion of the range, and E. precatoria var. longivaginata (Mart.) A.J.Hend. which has shorter, solitary or clustered stems, and is found in Colombia and Central America.

Common names include mountain cabbage in Belize, açai in Brazil, asaí and palmiche in Colombia, wassaï in French Guiana, huasi in Peru and manaca in Venezuela. The stems are used for construction, a beverage is made from the fruit, and the roots are used medicinally.

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