Thursday, June 24, 2010

Plantago major

The plantain (Plantago major) belongs to the family of the plantain family (Plantaginaceae). He is now a worldwide spread of plant and grows along roads, paths, squares, pastures, meadows and fields. Other names for this plant are: broadleaf plantain, Great plantain, Wegebreit, travel sheet, Wegtritt, Wegetrene, ripping paper, Saurüssel, Mausöhrle, Arno gloss, field cabbage.

It is a perennial herbaceous plant. From a rhizome, the leaf rosette grows with spoon leaves, the palm of a hand can be. From the center of the rosette of leaves growing leafless, flowers year-old stands. This plant is very resilient. It also grows in pavement cracks and often beaten lawns. Depending on how often it is accessed, it reaches a height cm 3 to 25 The plantain is not very sensitive to salts and Thanks to its up to 80 cm long, roots also grow on compacted soils. The flowering period is from June to October. It is distributed through the sticky seeds that cling to animal paws, shoes and wheels.

Originally native to Europe, this species has since spread worldwide. As the plantain (just like the plantain) is one of the "walk-on" plants, it is often an indicator of committed agencies. He once came with the European settlers to North America and was called by the Indians as "white man's footsteps."

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