Monday, June 28, 2010

Santalum album

Santalum album Sandalwood tree is a species from India and other parts of Asia, but is planted elsewhere in the world, especially in America.

The wood is known for its size and because it yields the volatile oil used in herbal medicine. The native of India is the best timber producing and oil.

The species cultivated in the rest of the world are not so close to the Indian species, but also receive the name of sandalwood and its wood is also aromatic.

In India, sandalwood is a sacred tree, and the government has declared national ownership to protect from deforestation which has been exposed. Only allow your logging where the copy has more than 30 years, at which time begins to decline announcing his death. It should be noted that the trunk about 25 years late in getting about 6 cm thick.

It is used in rituals as a flavoring to achieve spiritual harmony.

To preserve this species vulnerable to overexploitation, the legislation protects the sp., And its cultivation is researched and developed

Handling chips are distilled to produce oils that are used primarily in perfumery. It can also be obtained from the heart of the tree and its roots. With an ax while cutting out the oil flavoring.

Wood, however, is used in cabinet for the size of boxes, frames, combs and other small objects. It was once widely used for making boats.

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