Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Chinelo Carnival Celebrations

Chinelo is a traditional costume used in "The Jump of Chinelos, traditional dances of the Carnival celebrations in various towns of the state of Morelos, Mexico.

They are known for their color and rich ornamentation, has a prominent chin mask and in some cases are decorated with representations of mythology and Mexican culture.


During colonial Spanish and Creole landowners magnificent performing for Carnival festivities, to these parties denied them access to the mestizos and Indians. During the holidays the richest made a show of wealth using overloaded with ornaments and clothing fabrics.

As a satire segregated caste started to make costumes and celebrations for a parody of the white was used on pink masks a very prominent chin (not to be recognized), suits in imitation of the gorgeous white used by an exaggerated ornamentation mirrors, beads and beads as well as conical hats.

The word Chinelo, apparently, could have two origins: on the one hand may mean "one who believes very much, the red skin" or "moving your feet and hips" (both the Nahuatl).

The first may have appeared in Chinelos Tlayacapan and then spread to many other towns in the state of Morelos, where highlights of Tepoztlan, Jiutepec, Yautepec and Atlatlahucan.

The Hop of Chinelos

The Hop of Chinelos is a traditional dance that takes place in several towns of the state of Morelos during the festivities of Carnival. The dancers wear traditional costume rich, which varies according to the village, and in some cases is usually very elabroado for its colorful, its implementation and manufacturing.


The dress is black velvet and bordered with white, using a black hat.


Simple white and have blue velvet live at your sides.


Perhaps the most rich and colorful, have a use of velvets and rich brilliant colors and elaborate paintings with motifs and depictions of Mexican culture, each picture is made with sequins and a costume together can exceed five thousand dollars.


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