Friday, July 2, 2010

The Silver Family Plants

Telopea is a genus in the family tree of the Silver family (Proteaceae) with five species.


Telopea species are evergreen shrubs or rarely small trees that reach a height 3-5 meters and usually have multiple trunks. The leaves are arranged spirally shaped differently in young and older plants.

On young plants the leaves are simple with smooth or toothed leaf margins on older plants they are simple but with wavy to lobed margins. The leaves 10-20 cm long and 2-3 cm wide.

The overall terminal inflorescences are dense, ovoid or spherical, have a diameter of 6 to 15 cm and a ring of reddish bracts, they contain up to 250 individual flowers.

The total inflorescences consist of pseudo-part spiciform inflorescences in which flowers stand together in pairs. The zygomorph flowers are red. Pollination is carried by birds.

In the bud the bracts are strongly incurved. It is a horseshoe-shaped nectary present. The Balgfrüchte are lignified. The seeds are winged.


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