Sunday, July 4, 2010

Melastomataceae Tibouchina Genus

The genus belongs to the family Melastomataceae Tibouchina. Tree species of the genus Tibouchina (quaresmeira, or Jacatirões Manacá) have outstanding ornamental value and as a pioneer in environmental restoration activities in the forests of southern and southeastern Brazil.

Its spread by seed, although abundant in nature, faces difficulties in commercial nurseries, which entails studies of reproductive biology.

Several species of melastomas show changes of color in their flowers, but are among the most notable species of the genus Tibouchina: in manacá-spectacled flowers change from white to purple during the anthesis period.

Apparently, this change of color serves as a warning for these bees do not visit flowers already old. But the persistence of the petals in the flowers no longer receptive gives an intense color to plants, acting in signaling to pollinators over long distances.

They are generally medium-sized trees, reaching about 5 feet tall. The observation of its leaves, which have longitudinal ribs, makes crystal clear his identity as Tibouchina.


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