Thursday, July 29, 2010

Yule log According to the Traditions of Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria

Yule log is cut trunk of oak and elm trees or Krushevo tree, which according to the traditions of Orthodox Christians in Bulgaria should be placed in the furnace or fireplace and burn on the night of festive dinner on Christmas Eve.

Belief is that light and heat from the Yule log symbolizes not only the birth of the new Sun and Jesus Christ, but they are the cause of the festive table to visit the dead ancestors and Mother of God itself, which is called the first piece in a festive break ritual bread.

Yule log is being prepared on the eve of the feast. Cut down, carried on his shoulder, not to touch the ground and mirosva house. Mirosvaneto consists of drilling a hole, which set the wine, olive oil and incense, and then clogging and wrapped in white linen canvas.

This ritual in ignition of wood is accompanied by songs and this is integral to the holiday because it believes in its magical and healing powers. On the morning of Christmas Yule log is being extinguished with wine.

Unburnt parts of the tree crosses are made, or are built into the plow as a symbol of rural labor and fertility. Me ash is used for light or scattered in the fields of fertility. In Macedonia Badnik Christians call the festive Christmas Eve.


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