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Christmas Rebellion

Christmas Rebellion
Christmas Rebellion (also known as Christmas Rebellion, January mutiny and rebellion Montenegro) was an armed attempt usurer, conditional supporters of Yugoslav unification under podstrijekom Kingdom of Italy, to take control of the territory of Montenegro and the Bay of Kotor by Allied forces after the failure of legal and peacetime through parliament in Podgorica, in order to provide better Montenegro's creation in the same state with Serbia, namely the extended power pregoravačka the tables of Italy in the sphere of interest issues around the Adriatic coast, giving support to the establishment of the previous state of renewal of the Montenegrin state under its king Nikola. Usurer clashed with Bjelašima, unconditional supporters of unification, composed of youth and klubaških Montenegrin folk. The main organizers of the Christmas riots were the agent of the Ministry of Defence Italian journalist Giovanni Baldacci and influential Montenegrin politician John S. Pennant.

Following the failure of rebellion, resistance continued in the form of the Montenegrin army in exile in Italy, which is transferred to make sudden attacks on the Pomeranian secretly, to its dissolution 1921st The Italian-Yugoslavian arrangements. Some other companies have to hide in inaccessible areas and make kind of Chetnik resistance occasional terrorist attacks, all to 1924. year. The numerical strength in the very usurer Christmas rebellion has been nearly three thousand armed men. Most soldiers, however, the fight is not seen in person. Some characterize the conflict as a fresh invasion of Italy, a civil conflict as opposing political Montenegrins, and there are those who consider the fight an uprising of the Montenegrin people.

This article is in the narrow sense of rebellion deals specifically Christmas and beyond, process all the armed conflicts that occurred on the occasion of the unification of Serbia and Montenegro in the common state
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