Friday, July 9, 2010

Sanghadagen = Maghapuja Worship

Sanghadagen or maghapuja is a Buddhist worship in honor of the Buddhist community, and in memory of four close together medical results which took place on the same day, nine months after awakening to the Buddha.

Celebrations are particularly important for theravadabuddhistar in Cambodia, Laos and Thailand, in the two latter, he is public holiday. Here sanghadagen celebrated at the full moon of the month Magh, usually in February or beginning of March for the western calendar. The eastern sanghadagen in 2009 was the 9 February. Western Buddhists celebrate, however solemn in November.


The four things that happen on the original sanghadagen was that 1,250 enlightened disciples met available from Buddha, they all had been ordained by the Buddha himself, that they met with no agreement in advance and that the meeting took place at full moon. Sanghadagen is one of uposatha-days, sabbatliknande selections specially consecrated to follow the Buddhist Dhamma principle.

"Sangha" is a word that refers to buddhistfellesskapen, either all or only Buddhist monks and nuns. On the first sanghadagen in Rajagaha held Buddha sermon called Patimokkha, which gave the monks the basic rules for how they should live and teach about Buddhism


There are various ways to celebrate your day. It is common to continue ceremonies a day, while one goes to the spectacle of candlelight around the temple in the evening. You can also give gifts.

Sanghadagen is particularly important for ordained Buddhists, and less important to ordinary people. He is also a slightly more important solemnity in the west than the east.


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