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When is Christmas Uprising ?

Christmas Uprising
In January 1916 the Austro-Hungarian troops occupied the Tšernogooria, after the end of World War II, Serbian forces. Serbia blamed the King Nikola I Petrovic, and let the enemy separaatrahu agreeing to convene the Great National Assembly. The National Assembly was controlled by the Serbian police, he was still in force Tšernogooria inconsistent with the Constitution. Nicholas I of the National Assembly pushed him to the throne and refused to return to the country. 29th November 1918 was announced Tšernogooria join with Serbia. Tšernogooria banned symbols, including the National League crown reserved. Even the name of the banned Tšernogooria: its official name became the Zeta region.

7th January, according to the Julian calendar was Christmas Day, began to rise. Big Country at the request of Nikola fled to Italy in January ordered the resistance to lay down arms and stop. In return, promised to restore the Great Powers Nicholas Tšernogooria the country by diplomatic means, but they did not fulfill this promise.

Orthodox Church in 1920 banned the Tšernogooria Autokefaalne mittekanoonilisel and irregular manner, and its assets were transferred to the Serbian Orthodox Church.

Rising to power in the country failed to take into their own hands and it was a long vinduma. Only in 1922 started the military operation in Yugoslavia in restoring control over the entire Tšernogooria. Mountainous areas continued to resist the 1926th years.

A little weird, but it was not a very big loss tšernogoorlaste: 3 3 thousand dead and thousands wounded. For example, against Austria in 1915 won the battle of Mojkovac Tšernogooria lost 6 soldiers killed thousands of Scutari, and in 1913 Turkey won the battle of 10 thousand men.

Christmas is the Resurrection of Yugoslavia, one of history's best kept secrets. Officially it eitati. Pre-Christmas 1990-ndaid was not possible to publish the original documents on the uprising. That would have shown that Tšernogooria not affiliated with Serbia on a voluntary basis, but that the Baltic country of annexation just as the 1940th year.
Source: http://et.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%B5ulu%C3%BClest%C3%B5us

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