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The Ekadashi is a Lunar Month of Hindu's People

Ekadashi (Sanskrit - "11") - the eleventh day (tithi) after the full moon and new moon of each lunar month in the Hindu calendar. In Hinduism and Jainism, the days of Ekadasi considered particularly favorable for the commission of asceticism or penance. Hindus in the days of Ekadasi fasting, either fully or only from the legume products. Particularly important spiritual significance Ekadasi is a Vaishnava.


On the day of Ekadasi Hindus abstain from eating grains and legumes, and are making special efforts in spiritual practice. Followers of Hinduism believe that committing spiritual penance in the days of Ekadasi helps the soul to attain liberation from the cycle of birth and death.

In addition, Ekadasi helps cleanse the physical, mental and spiritual level. Thus, ayurvedic medicine advises fast, to preserve and improve health. It is said that the post Ekadasi prevents and cures many diseases, as well as expedient from an economic point of view: accomplishment of the post twice a month can save a huge amount of food.

Compliance Ekadasi is one of the established Vedic scriptures cleansing ceremonies, created for a man to elevate themselves spiritually. Followers of different forms of Hindu religion accomplishing this position also in order to find mercy of God and escape from the illusion of material existence.

It is said that the strength of Ekadasi is so great that the constant observance of fasting during these days can lead to liberation from the cycle of samsara indivuduuma. Therefore, Ekadasi is sometimes called "the best of all possibilities."

Rules compliance Ekadasi

The best post in the Ekadasi - is complete abstinence from food and drink. The one for whom it is unaffordable, are encouraged to eat only food nesoderzhaschuyu grains or legumes, and preferably once in the afternoon. This food is called NACTU (dinner). It may consist of any other than beet roots; fruit, water, dairy products, nuts, sugar and all vegetables except mushrooms.

In Ekadasi should try to drink and eat no more than once. In one of the texts of Hinduism, Krishna says to Arjuna that he who fasts on Ekadasi fully, will receive the award in full, but the one who eats NACTU - will receive only half.

To get the full spiritual benefit of fasting, to avoid daytime sleep, shaving, grinding oil, betel nut consumption, eating out of bronze utensils, touching a woman during her menstruation, intercourse with the drunken, weavers and laundresses. When eating, in addition to cereals and legumes should also be avoided: spinach, honey, eggplant, asafetida and salt (other salts such as sodium chloride, are permissible), as well as eating at other people's homes.

Take homeopathic medicines a day Ekadasi can only patients. Those who are unable to fast due to serious illness or old age, should find very spiritual person, and donate something to him. Also, he can just listen or read about the importance of each Ekadasi. This practice is recommended as a method of achieving the full result of fasting.

If Ekadasi accident was not met, you can spend it on the next day - dvadasi and break their fast on the third day - trayodashi. While in lunar calendar Ekadasi coincides with Dashami - tenth lunar day, there is no need to limit yourself to fasting, but if it coincides with dvadasi - 12th day moon, such an Ekadasi called "pure Ekadasi" or mahadvadashi and it is recommended to strictly observe. Mahadvadashi usually also called Ekadasi.

After compliance with the Ekadasi should break their fast during the 2.5 hours after sunrise the next day, in dvadasi. According to Hindu scriptures, everyone who has more than five years, must comply with post Ekadasi.

The benefits of fasting in the days of Ekadasi

In the Hindu scriptures say that giving alms to the first day of full moon, receives an award of 100 000 times more than the usual offerings, but the one who gives charity daily sankranti (Equinox) gets the benefit of 400 000 times greater than normal results. However, it's just keeping the post in the Ekadasi, the man reaches all these good results.

It also said that post Ekadasi gives the same result as the visiting holy places of pilgrimage of Kurukshetra during a solar or lunar eclipse. Also, a person who observes the full post at Ekadasi achieves good, a hundred times greater than from the commission ashvamedha-yajñas. Moreover, the one who at least once perfectly fasted Ekadasi, deserves the same as feeding 1,000 needy every day for 60,000 years.

A person once properly observing Ekadasi receives the benefit ten times greater than the benefit from the distribution of 1,000 cows, Brahmins, perfectly knowing the Vedas. It should be noted that the man feed a Brahmachari, pays ten times more than the feed in his home ten good Brahmins.

But he who gives the land to the needy and pious brahmin attains to 1000 times greater than the fed Brahmachari, and 1000 times this benefit from issuing a clean girl to marry a young, well educated and decent man.

But the 10-Tb times more favorable than that - the right upbringing of children and instruction in their spiritual path, without waiting for any reward. Yet, in the 10-Tb times better than this, give bread to the hungry. That is the benefit of full compliance with the post in the Ekadasi is simply impossible to measure or something to compare.


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