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Finnish Independence Day or Finland's National Day Explanation

Independence Day of Finland is Finland's National Day, celebrated on 6 December 1917 gained independence anniversary.

Declaration of Independence and its recognition

On the sixth day of Christmas, in 1917, Finland's parliament approved the Senate 4 December 1917 Finland's declaration of independence. 7. November-August. November 1917 on the night were the Bolsheviks seized power in Russia, which was therefore considered that Finland had to break away from Russia.

Independence was the manner of disagreements: the bourgeois parties believes that Finland was julistauduttava unilaterally its independence, while the Socialists believe that independence would have been carried out in cooperation of Russia's new revolution with the government. Therefore, the parliament accepted the bourgeois Svinhufvud Senate's declaration of independence by 100-88, bourgeois 100 votes against 88 votes the Socialists.

The German Empire, which had been in a state of war during World War II because of the Russian Empire with, endorsed itsenäisyyksiä, because it would have been able to mobilize the German eastern front areas of warfare and to strengthen those forces in Germany, the western front, because the pressure there had increased, inter alia, the United States during World War II following the accession of 1917 .

People's Commissars Council was proclaimed on 8 November 1917 rauhandekreetin and Soviet Russia and the German Empire began a ceasefire on 5 December 1917. Brest-Litovsk peace talks between them began 22 December 1917.

Before independence was to get international recognition, it was first made in Russia. White Russian military government, which was the Bolshevik coup in Russia's interim successor to the fallen, however, had caught a single and indivisible Russia, the idea was not prepared to recognize the independence of Finland.

Russian view of the white government or the white government's top itsenäisyyksiä should not be recognized, but the Russian government affairs organization was suoritettaman constitutional order for the Constituent National Assembly act. Some of the Russians was the monarchists, who did not support the amendment of a unitary Russian federation, like the Liberals and the Left.

Thus, the Senate Svinhufvud independence the only option was to ask for independence recognition initiates bolševikkihallitukselta rebellion, of People's Commissars Council of St. Petersburg. The last day of the year 1917, 31 December, VI Lenin, led the Council of People's Commissars recognized Finland's independence.

January 1918 during Finland got independence in most European countries distinctions, including the Nordic countries as well as France and Germany. United Kingdom and the United States made a generous tribute to years later, the First World War ended.

December 6th Day has been celebrated Independence Day since 1919. The Government has decided to issue, and came from a holiday in government offices, schools and courts. In 1929, the Law provided for salaried general holiday.

The existing Law on the Independence Day celebration as a general holidays, the day is from the year 1937. It is a day of paid holiday, or where it is not possible, must pay the increased wages, such as Sunday work. Independence Day is also an official flag. Then the ending flag Flag days from abnormally at 20.


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