Wednesday, July 7, 2010

The Night Journey of Isra and Mi'raj

The Night Journey of Isra and Mi'raj (Arabic: الإسراء والمعراج) refers to the journey that the Muslim prophet Muhammad made the heavenly animal Buraq in one night in the year 1 AH.

Isra (Arabic: الإسراء) is the term used for that part of the Night Tour with Muhammad from Mecca to replace the current Al-Aqsa Mosque in Jerusalem. Mi'raj (Arabic: المعراج) is used for the second part of the Night Journey, the Al-Aqsa to Heaven.

Some madhhab assume that a dream is concerned, as Aisha once would have said, although many Muslims believe that Muhammad would have made the trip physically. According to the Hanafi madhhab is one of the blessed night. In the Qur'an, including Al-The Night Journey, the Night Journey cited. In hadith narrated his stories.

According to tradition, Jibril appeared to Muhammad in one night. Muhammad was that night in order to mount Buraq Gabriel to Jerusalem. Arriving Federal Muhammad Buraq with a rope to a ring in the Western Wall. After having carried out a joint salad with some prophets, Muhammad ascended the animal again and ascended into heaven, where he traveled through seven heavens.

In the first heaven and Gabriel met Muhammad the Prophet Adam, in the second heaven, they met the prophet Yahya and Isa, in the third heaven, they met Yusuf in the fourth heaven, they met Idris, in the fifth heaven Haaroen they met in the Musa and sixth heaven, they met in heaven, they met Ibrahim. Mohammed spoke to every prophet and they congratulated him.

Finally, Muhammad met God. God told Muhammad that Muslims 50 times a day had to perform salat. When Muhammad with this news arrived in the sixth Heaven, Musa sent him back to God 50 times would be too difficult for the faithful. Mohammed Musa came at the request of returning to God and he were a ten-times daily salat passed.

Musa did this is still too much, so Muhammad was third time with God. This time God gave a five-times daily salat. When Musa came to Muhammad and Musa told him that this is still too much, said Mohammed ashamed again to return to God to ask for even less. From that moment Muslims are required five times a day to perform salat.


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