Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Forgiveness Sunday

Forgiveness voskreséne (Syropust , Lat. Quinquagesima; Esto mihi) - the last Sunday before Lent or 7 th Sunday before Easter. Russia also is the last day of Shrovetide

Description holiday

On this day, all Orthodox ask forgiveness from each other - to begin the post with a good heart, focus on the spiritual life with an open heart to meet the Easter - the day of Resurrection. On this day last used Lenten food.

"On that day, according to the established custom in ancient times, bowing to each other from the depths of our hearts, forgive Orthodox mutual resentment and sin. It is necessary to us, if we want to live with the Lord and being on the ground, and moved up into everlasting life.

We all wishes for himself eternal salvation. But this is only possible if you will not be in our hearts hurt and there will be mutual condemnation, hostility.

Perhaps only when in the heart of our world will be - this precious holy blessing, which gives us Christ the Saviour.

But you need to do to forgive those who hurt us, and ask forgiveness from those whom we consciously or unconsciously hurt. Otherwise, in vain are all our efforts in the coming post.

Do not take the Lord our many bows, if in our hearts will continue to live resentment at his brother, evil and ill will for others. "(John Arhim. Krestyankin). In the temples on the evening worship service takes place rank forgiveness.

Chin forgiveness appeared in the monastic life of the Egyptian monks. Before the advent of Lent, to enhance the achievement of prayer and to prepare for the blessed holiday of Easter, the monks dispersed, one in the desert for the forty days of fasting. Some of them are not coming back: someone had been torn to pieces by wild beasts, others were killed in a lifeless desert.

Because the costs to meet only at Easter, the monks asked each other for forgiveness for all the voluntary or involuntary injury, as before death. And of course, are from the heart to forgive all.

Everybody understood that their meeting in anticipation of Lent may be the last. Order and there was a rank Forgiveness - to be reconciliation and forgiveness to all and - thanks to this - with God Himself. Over time, this tradition is passed into the liturgy of the whole Church.

In pre-revolutionary Russia, for example, a custom king seek forgiveness from their subjects. To this end, the king rode troops, asked for forgiveness from the soldiers, visited the monastery, where he asked for forgiveness from their brother, came to the bishops, and they have to ask for forgiveness.

On this day the Church remembers the terrible tragedy that took place with humanity at the dawn of its history - the expulsion of him in the face common to us all of our forefather Adam, from paradise.


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