Thursday, July 1, 2010


St. John's Wort (Latin: Hypericum) - a genus of plants Hypericaceae (Hypericaceae) order Malpighiales (Malpighiales).

Members of the genus - perennial, rarely annual herbaceous plants, shrubs, bushes or trees.

Stems mostly tetrahedral.

The leaves of some species are opposite, rarely whorled, mostly with entire, sessile or with short petioles, at the surface and edges, or only at the edges often with translucent, sometimes with a black dot oily stuff.

Flowers are single or multiple in poluzontikah collected in the final paniculate or corymbose cyme. Calyx deeply quinquepartite remaining. Sepals 5, equal or sometimes unequal or dissimilar in shape. Petals five, rarely four, pochkoslozhenii twisted, golden, or yellow, rarely purple-pink outside, falling, or sometimes remaining. Stamens many, filaments fused base in three to five bundles or rarely stamens numerous, all fused only reason strings or loose (Hypericum mutilum). Columns three to five, free or fused at the base. Ovary unilocular rare, mostly not quite 3-5-celled with numerous ovules. Stigmas capitate, clavate, rarely rounded.

Fruit - leathery capsule, dehiscent at maturity in three to five polyseeds nests, rarely unilocular or sometimes berry-like, nerastreskivayuschayasya. Seeds numerous, small, cylindrical, oval or oblong oval, winged, villous or cellular.

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