Thursday, August 5, 2010

Amazement = Astonishment

Amazement or astonishment is an emotional state in response to the experience of something unexpected, not the familiar patterns of thinking / schemes corresponds.

It is accompanied by a neurobiological state of arousal, a state of internal unrest that affects motivation, exploring hitherto unknown and to learn.

The provided excitation potential allows the inner restore balance, which was lost by the confrontation with the "inappropriate" new. This corresponds to the amazement as the trigger for a "conflict by surprise," according to Berlyne (1960).

Due wonder, therefore initiated learning from the inside out / intrinsically motivated because the person seeking inner balance.

Surprise is often expressed by Symptominterjektionen.


Aristotle sees in amazement (thaumazein) of the beginning of philosophy that places a strong emphasis on the surprise. The philosophy appreciates things more critical consideration, which appear first as a matter of course.

Certainties are referred to as "mere opinion" (dóxa). On closer questioning of certainties appear astonishing, previously unconsidered, and new truths (Aletheia).

The dissonance between mere opinion and new truth promotes the pursuit of knowledge. By the philosophical wonder the previously little thoughtful things questioned, it drives the science.

Marvel created an internal movement and tension, which leads into an active confrontation with a separate case (Aristotle, Schreier, Schiefele). The curiosity is stimulated. The unexpected is to be understood, to make something known and internalized. This will wonder for a specific problem and creates the motivation to learn something new.


The kind of surprise can be colored differently depending on whether the unexpected, surprising more of a "faithful" or "provokes incredulous" wonder. Accordingly, it is accompanied by different emotions, like surprise admiration, respect, reverence, or, confusion, suspicion.

If an unexpected event very suddenly, the man reacted with "bewilderment" and in a heightened form of terror.


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