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Lepidopterous or butterflies (Lepidoptera) are a group of winged insects.

Butterflies after the beetles the largest order of animals, there are about 160,000 described species. Butterflies live in different habitats, from cold tundra to desert areas. However, most species live in tropical or subtropical areas.

Unlike most insects are butterflies loved by the public. Many adult butterflies have a striking appearance and may also not stabbing or biting. They play a role in different cultures and butterflies are a popular subject in art. Butterflies are often a characteristic fluttering flight and very different wing colors of some species are considered as decorative. Because the body is easy to preserve and sometimes bright colors here are not lost butterflies have long been collected around the world.

The larvae of butterflies are called caterpillars. The caterpillars of some butterflies, by their greed cause great damage to crops. Other types can cause allergic reactions in people by their skin provided by stinging hairs.

Butterflies have almost all the same body type but have a large variation in the size and shape of the wings, the wing colors and patterns often differ by species. The caterpillars also have a huge variety of shapes and are often well differentiated. Many butterflies are easily recognizable as such but there are exceptions. There are wingless species, species that do not possess the characteristic butterfly proboscis.

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