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The Positive Emotion of Affection

Affection (from Latin ad and facer, "something with someone do somebody done doing") are positive emotions or feelings that arise from recognition of one's own values in the character of another, usually in the context of relationships between people or life companions.


Affection may include both express themselves in love: brother or sister love, the love between child and parents or other bonds of love (platonic love), and the other in worship, friendship, companionship, love, attraction, adoration and submission.

In the English-speaking countries we sometimes speak of a public display of affection, showing attracted to each other by an act in public, for example, walking from partners while ze holding hands so everyone can see that they love each other and together hear.

Popular use

The term is popular affection used to a feeling or a kind of personal relationship to appoint beyond goodwill or friendship. By ethical writers the term used for states of feeling, both long and regular. Some argue against the passion free affection because of distinguishing sensual component.

Affection refers to the emotional state in relation to persons. In that sense it is the Greek pathos, as it occurs in the writings of the philosophers René Descartes (France) and Baruch Spinoza (Netherlands) and in many writings of the early British ethicists. Yet again on different grounds difference with passion: affection holds no fear or excitement. There is also a complete absence of the sensory element.

In the narrower sense affection is linked to the social or parental affections, and is seen as a form of moral obligation of parents to children.


In psychology the term affection plays a major role. The experimental psychologists show any emotion is a kind of mental affection. In his theory, distinguishes the American psychologist Henry Murray affection five forms: spend time with other people, care for other people, have fun with others, others reject it, and helped or protected by others.

Source: http://nl.wikipedia.org/wiki/Affectie

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